The Confidence Journey - Chosen

When the top 10 was announced from the Dallas auditions, I felt like maybe they just wanted to represent variety. There were older, younger, competition ready, and a lot of work required (me). But every single person that I looked at seemed to be so worthy, I couldn’t imagine being the shoes of the ones making the actual choice. November 12, I expected to hear a top 10 list from Houston. Stephen and I were modeling for a photographer that day and tuned in just as the live announcement was ending, then messages started coming in, messages of congratulations. I was not expecting the top 5, overall, to be announced. The next steps moved so fast. I immediately set up my consultation with Dr. Morales. Fast forward to the day after Thanksgiving. Stephen and I were laying in bed, relaxing when my notifications went off, a friend request from Chase Pool, from Behind The Pump, followed by a message asking for my number and if it was a good time to call. The phone rang, Chase was on the other end. He asked how my Thanksgiving was and light pleasantries were exchanged. The next words changed everything. “I have bad news...for three other girls...” I immediately fell to the bed in tears, shocked and at a loss for words. He wouldn’t tell me who the other girl was, only that  I’d find out during the live announcement Monday and that she was my opposite.