The Confidence Journey - Auditions

Late September, Stephen sent me a message about something he saw on Instagram for a full bodybuilding sponsorship that included plastic surgery. My sweet husband has gynocomastia and would love to have it removed. We chatted a little about it a few times and I figured I would toss my name in the hat as well, it never hurts to try, but would wait to see if I would actually go through with the audition. I wanted to get a better feel for the whole thing, including the other contestants. We drove from Houston to Dallas October 6, arriving at 180Culture around 9am. Stephen and I were one of the first ones there and as everyone trickled in, we started to meet some wonderful people. Chase and Lance showed up, shortly thereafter Dr. Morales and his team arrived and we were able to get things underway. Stephen auditioned first, as I waited and looked over all the other people there I couldn’t help but feel very out of place. Nearly everyone was in stellar good shape, we’re discussing their last competition or one they had coming up. Here I was, overweight, never competed and a hell of a lot more work would have to be done to me versus every other female there. I suppose I didn’t take it too seriously because it seemed like such a long shot, there were gorgeous girls with experience to choose from. As I sat down with Lance he looked over my before and after pictures, having started at 224lbs and worked hard to get down to a more manageable weight, it’s hard to feel like I’ve made progress. In my mind I am definitely still that fat chick. He asked questions about past training and what I looked like at my leanest. Sadly, I had recently gained almost 20lbs when Stephen and I took a break from the healthy lifestyle. After the time with Lance had finished, I met with Dr. Morales and Linda. He was so cool, calm, collected and personable. He looked over my paperwork, which held a little bit about me. It touched on my past marriage, my weight gain and loss, it went over my girl group - the crown fixers, and how I enjoy networking and lifting up others. I left feeling welcomed, but never thought I stood a chance against the others there. Once Stephen and I began our drive home, we compared notes and I figured it would just be a good experience that we had together, just another adventure.