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Hello to all! Well it's been a while since I have guest blogged on Morgan's blog and I'm so uber excited that she is having me back! Thank you so much Morgan! Stay tuned to my guest posts on her blog for tutorials and such in the future :) Well and also stay tuned because Morgan is awesome, but that's a given lol.

Anyhow! I know that my IG feed is always so full of light, airy, and beautiful photos by photographers, designers, and artists alike. I swoon over all that beauty just as much as I do over the real life images. Have you ever wondered how they do that? Does everyone have airy beautiful offices with all white walls, white desk, white everything to where all that light is bouncing around and off of every item to create the best light and white balance? Maybe some of them do, I have my own little studio space which you can take a virtual tour of on my blog here : The Paper Unicorn Photography Home Studio

However we do not all have spaces allocated for our business's, hobbies, or whatever suits our fancy in which case I can show you how to create your own little space using inexpensive items! As you can see I have one light source which is my sliding glass doors to the left of my boards, and very dark walls in my country style home. However with just one light source and the whit boards you can accomplish some really great photos. Below is a list of what I used, where you can purchase these things at, and "approximately" how much each item cost.

1: Medium weight styrocore poster board 2 pieces, from the art section at Wal Mart, Hobby Lobby, or Michaels. Approx 1.79  each

2: Glitter scrap book paper from Michaels. Approx .82 each (use your coupon on your smart phone!)

3: Glitter foil confetti from Michaels. Approx 2.99 a bag

4: "Sparkle" dish or jewelry tray from Michaels (this was a gift.) Approx estimation 5.00-10.00

5: Crystal drop earrings and crystal CZ ring from Burlington Coat Factory. Earrings 4.99, ring 7.99.

6: Silk flower bouquet bundle from Michaels. Approx 13.99 (use your coupon!)

Over all cost Approx 44.36 before tax and BEFORE coupons, I spent about 35.00 total and I can use my poster boards, etc more than once. Pretty small investment for items I can use throughout the year for IG posts. And you may even have items lying around your home already you can use! Thanks for reading and post whatever comments or questions you may have. Now go make and post some pretty pics!  XO ~ Amy Jo

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Helping Yourself

 "Ask yourself if what you're doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow."

What do you need? I genuinely mean it...what do you need? How can you achieve it? Nearly every goal is achievable if there is enough effort exerted. I'll admit it, I am the absolute worst at coming up with a hair-brained idea and then letting it go. It could be the most ah-mazing idea ever, but I tend to not follow through so well. I chalk it up to my personality, have you ever taken the test? Turns out, I am a debater (ENTP-A) and we are known for brilliant ideas, but don't have the drive to see it through til the end. It told me that I would be great as a business owner as long as I have others to do the work for me. That's hilarious!

So, what do you need? More time, more money, fitness, health, hobbies, there is a wide, wide world of possibilities. Your goal could be hobby related, business or personal. What do you want, how will you take it, how far are you willing to push yourself to actually achieve it. In a nut shell, is it a priority? Telling yourself you don't have enough time isn't accurate, in reality it's not a priority, or maybe you're just too afraid to fail. Maybe you don't want it as bad as you think.

Let's talk about success and how to make it happen. First, success is a relative term. Some consider success a happy family, others would consider it a massive bank account, while others would consider a mere 3 minutes of silence the best thing.

Step 1:
Evaluate what you want and how you can possibly achieve it. Who could be your biggest cheerleader(s)? Do you currently have the assets to attain it?

Step 2:
Plan out your goal. Set a timeline so that you can achieve parts of the whole, to get you closer each day.

Step 3:
Do it! Don't just talk about it, get out there and put your nose to the grind and do it.

Step 4:
Celebrate from the rooftops when you get there. Invite others to revel in your success, how they do that is up to you.

No matter what you do remember to persevere, revise and succeed all the way to the end. So, tell me, what are you working on?



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