Will your memories be seen?

One of my most treasured memories as a child was sneaking into my parent's and grandparent's closets and quietly pulling out large bins and boxes littered with dust. Inside the bins and boxes were little moments in time, long gone and nearly forgotten...pictures of people and things past. Faded images of my parents as children, my grandparents, great-grandparents and plenty of people that I had no idea who they were filled my childhood. Even though I would sneak in and find the places they gathered, I always ended up pulling them out and taking them to my elders and asking about the people in the images, who they were, what it was like and every little detail about that time. I'll admit, it really made my parents and grandparents light up and reminisce with me about days long gone.

Do you get your pictures printed? I know, we all assume the internet will be around forever. That smart phones, back ups and everything in between are infallible and that's how we will look on things from the past...but what if it's not. What if tomorrow, Facebook was hacked and it was all gone, forever. What if the cloud fails, what if your phone kicks rocks? Do you have printed pictures? I'll admit it, I'm guilty of not getting pictures printed often and that has to change! For me, for my children and grandchildren I will get pictures printed! I want them to sneak into my closet and pull out boxes of faded, dusty old pictures from when I was 20, or they were tiny little babies. I want them to run into the living room, box in hand asking about their cousins in the pictures, or the house we used to live in. I want them to remind me of what was, at the same time making me grateful for what is.

Will your memories be seen? Or will they be forgotten, left to rest on a hard drive or cloud until it's purged forever. Print them, hang them, store them just let them be seen, let your memories be remembered.

Did you ever do this as a child? Maybe you do it still....I know I do.