How I more than tripled my clients | Part 2

Hopefully you have read Part 1, if not, go now :)
So, now that I know who I am marketing to and what is working I need to create a call to action moment for potential clients.

Evaluate the time of year
Is it Senior, Wedding, Baby or Family season? Yes, there really is a season for each thing! As of today, December 28 it is heading out of Family season and into Senior season and will be there for the next 3-5 months. After that is Wedding season from May-September, then Baby and Family season July-December with each overlapping at times...stragglers :)

How do I create a call to action? I find a model if I don't already have one on the books. Usually, for senior season they need a kick in the boo-tay to book, like seeing someone else's rockin session! I scout a model that would emulate my ideal client's look and offer them a heck of a deal for them to model MY idea...that's right, every detail is what I want, what matches completely with the direction my brand is heading. Tag the heck out of their images and drag them out over a week and posting at varying times and on every platform. This will drum up interest for an immediate need, for both you and the client.

Let people know what your clients think!
Encourage clients to write reviews, screen shot their reactions to their images, brag about them bragging about you! People want to know that other people were happy with you, your professionalism, personable personality and quality of work. Before you drop several hundred dollars for something do you look at reviews...I know I do!  If you have trouble getting clients to organically write a review, try a reward system ie. 5% off your next purchase, $10 toward prints, etc. Sometimes, clients need a little encouragement :)