Faust Family

This absolutely adorable family is well....absolutely adorable! They are so kind, and the kids are amazing, Mom and Dad are so cute together.


LeBlanc Family

Another fellow photog, and a client that had visited me while I was in Ft. Hood! I love that even though there is distance, I have amazing clients that will travel to have me capture their moments :)


Love - A Maternity Session

I love maternity sessions, I love gorgeous light and this session just happened to include both! Ms. Love, you are absolutely stunning!


Miller Family

Another fabulous photog came to see me for family pictures :) I am seriously humbled and blessed!


Brooks Family

You're not seeing a doppleganger family, these lovely clients actually had to drive near my small little town and just had to have me photograph them (with new additions) before heading to the other side of the country.


Simard - A Couple Session

I'm always flattered when a fellow photographer hires me :) Jennifer is a fab photog and she and her husband couldn't be any cuter!!!



The Confidence Journey

Dr. Morales

Spartan Performance Meals


The Confidence Journey - 100 days

Today, there are 100 days until showtime. Just 100 sets of 24 hours to get to where I need to be physically, mentally and emotionally. 100 d...