Marketing: Who are you?

The most informative class that has helped my business aside from Drama (seriously, but I'll talk about that later), was marketing. It is likely that I enjoyed the class so much because the instructor actually knew and was able to convey tactics and theories, simply put, he knew his stuff!  With marketing, you have to pinpoint who you are - you absolutely have to, or at least I truly believe that you do.  So, let's embark on this journey to help you market your business, or more effectively, yourself.

Who are you? That is a loaded question, isn't it...
  1. What is your style:
  2. What type of personality do you have:
  3. Who do you photograph:
  4. What type of editing style do you have:
These are basic questions to start you off. The hard part is finding the answers, so let's get that started.

What is your personal style? How do you friends describe you? Trendy, Eclectic, Traditional, Whimsical, Vintage?
How do you define your personality? Quiet, Serious, Thoughtful, Strange, Awesome?
Who do you photograph? What makes your heart sing...Kids, Couples, Babies?
What type of editing style do you have? This is often one of the most difficult to pinpoint! My best advice is to browse your favorite photographers and choose 5 images that truly speak to you. What do they have in common? Doing this can also help to lead you in the direction of your personal shooting style if you're looking to narrow that down.
Before you can ever market your product, which in the case of photography is often yourself - you must first understand WHO you are before you can figure out who they are.