Automate: Your Schedule

This will be the first in a series of posts on automating your photography business, it is so incredibly important to do so if you want to have a home life :) Before I found this little gem of a scheduler I spent so much time jotting down information in my planner, trying to make sure that I get all of the necessary client information, sending out reminder emails, securing payment and so many more things and now it's all done for me!

Book{M} (part of Miller's Lab) is free, yes you read that right F.R.E.E! Free :)

 Here are a few things I love about this scheduler.
  1. I set the availability. Block out dates, open times, minutes between sessions.
  2. They get reminders. You can choose how far in advance you want your clients to receive an email about their session.
  3. Client information. When they schedule they have to input their name, address, phone and any other details you want and keeps it stored for you.
  4. Have different schedules. Mommy & Me, Spring Minis, Senior Session, Full Session etc. You get to create however many you want, with all of the information right there.
  5. Payment required. No need to track anyone down to ensure they pay their session fee, in order to complete scheduling they have to pay (you can turn this option off).

It makes it easy to view your schedule and recently scheduled clients. View upcoming appointments or even by month. You can view it as a total calendar with all of your schedule/session types or go in and look at just one.

You can set all the boundaries you want, including every detail you could want in a and awesome!

You get to customize it as much as you like. Colors, information, payment, reminders, header and so much more that I'm sure I haven't even found yet!

I am not being compensated by Miller's Lab for this post, I seriously just love their scheduler!