Automate: Your Interaction

Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest - Oh my! Social media is a huge part of marketing now days, for most business owners, it is the only marketing. The real question is do you have hours upon hours to sit at the computer to create the type of social media presence you need to be in demand? You can create the facade, and still have plenty of time in your day for all the other important things in your life by automating your presence.

Facebook: The spearhead to social media is FB, and they were fabulous enough to roll out the post scheduler not too long ago. You can write a witty post and have it scheduled to go live during peak hours (8am and 8pm), to maximize exposure...and you don't even have to be connected to the net when it does. To use your nifty scheduler, click the little clock icon and set your date and time for your post to publish.

Networked Blogs: This is an amazing way to ensure that your audience receives your blog posts, without having to actually be tethered to the net (I will discuss blog posting in the next post of this series). With NB you can syndicate your blog posts to automatically publish to your Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Pinterest: Who doesn't love this addicting site?! I know I do! With Pinterest you can create virtual pin boards of all of your favorite things, I suggest having a Photography (or whatever your business is) page, to help maximize your internet exposure. I also think that having a 'pin now' button is essential to blogging.

Pinning: When you pin your post, make sure it is a dynamic image (preferably with your logo). Make sure to use relevant key words in your description, along with your business name. This enables all of your followers to repin your blog and keep your presence going.