Thumb to the Sun

It's a little weird, and you can call this trick so many things! High five the sun, talk to the hand, and so many more that creative minds can come up with, but I prefer 'thumb the sun'.  This trick can help so much for when the sun just isn't quite where you need it. Not high enough for your lens hood to do it's job in blocking the haze, and not low enough to be magically golden. It's so simple, it makes you smack your forehead and think back to how many times you have trashed an image or spent a ridiculous amount of time in Photoshop only to trash it anyway due to the haze just messing it up. Don't get me wrong, haze can be great...but sometimes it's just not what you want to achieve.  The basic premise is to block the sun, pretend you are a tree branch :)
Start with your camera pointed in the direction of the sun, it will likely be hazy. Now reach your hand in front (and higher than) your camera and slowly move it down until the haze is gone. Abra Kadabra. Now you have the same settings, two different ways to shoot, two different looks.  It's fun to see how just a minor thing can make such a major difference.  I have a Challenge for all of you: Go out and do this and post is on my Facebook fanpage wall, I wanna see how you like this little trick.