Daylight Bulbs

Just in case you don't believe what I'm about to write on the difference between daylight bulbs and available light, here is an image comparison with the available light vs with the floor lamp and daylight bulb. Both are SOOC.

Seriously, these things are AMAZING!  You see, I have a floor lamp in our 'gym' that has the top area and side mount for a light, and this little guy is great for traveling around the house when I need supplemental lighting.  I really began to use this last week, my daughter got a new bed (gorgeous), but it also completely blocks the window there is virtually no light other than the over head light. Enter my floor lamp pal complete with daylight bulbs.

Also, if you aren't familiar with the temperature of light (yes, there are temperatures), these can be a huge help in supplementing natural window light as the daylight bulbs are daylight temperature ;) YAY! Replace your current light bulbs and avoid the icky yellow hair/head problem, seriously go now. You can buy them where you buy your current bulbs, just look for 'daylight'.



  1. THANK YOU!!! I have been fighting with the light in our home! I HATE IT!! My husband suggested the LED light bulbs, but at $30+ a light bulb I couldn't bite! I'm going out and buying these!! I never even knew they existed!

  2. So true! Love using daylight bulbs.



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