I am a sham

Do you say that to yourself every day like I do?  You look yourself in the mirror, disheveled and promise today will be different! Today is the day that I will......[interrupted by the start of a new chaotic day]. In the world of social media we all push ourselves far beyond where we can possibly go. If your days are anything like mine they start of simple enough, and it snowballs from there. Yet, we all strive for that editorial life we see that almost everyone else seems to be living....it's a sham, they are just as stressed as you are. In the days of Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, G+ and every other thing on the interwebs, that is all we see, faux perfection. It is unattainable.

Dishes not clean, Laundry not folded (still), Toys all around, Un-made beds, Schedules, Routines, Cooking, Work, Family, Surprises, Parties, School, Chaos. This is LIFE, and the one that we try to portray on the internet is not real. Sure, we all try to be as normal as possible. Normal, meaning societies version of normal. Too be honest, I'm not a fan of these sham days or keeping up with the Jones'.

No one knows the secret, so embrace the chaos that is life. It is messy, it can be fun if only you embrace it. When you're old, what would you regret more? Not cleaning your house enough, or not enjoying your family? Forget the judgement of others, they are just as much of a mess as you and I.


  1. Thank you for sharing this! Sometimes I beat myself up when I cannot keep up with it all. I wonder how other people do it. Life is a balancing act, and sometimes the only way to balance one area is to let another area experience some chaos. I agree that spending time with the people you love is far more valuable than a pristine home at all times.


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