Faust Family

This absolutely adorable family is well....absolutely adorable! They are so kind, and the kids are amazing, Mom and Dad are so cute together.


LeBlanc Family

Another fellow photog, and a client that had visited me while I was in Ft. Hood! I love that even though there is distance, I have amazing clients that will travel to have me capture their moments :)


Love - A Maternity Session

I love maternity sessions, I love gorgeous light and this session just happened to include both! Ms. Love, you are absolutely stunning!


Miller Family

Another fabulous photog came to see me for family pictures :) I am seriously humbled and blessed!


Brooks Family

You're not seeing a doppleganger family, these lovely clients actually had to drive near my small little town and just had to have me photograph them (with new additions) before heading to the other side of the country.


Simard - A Couple Session

I'm always flattered when a fellow photographer hires me :) Jennifer is a fab photog and she and her husband couldn't be any cuter!!!


Cleveland High School Football

My little brother is a 2014 senior, and I want him to have some awesome memories (including some artwork). I volunteered my time and talent to create these posters for his Project Graduation and Football team :)

It took about 15 minutes to get the shots. I had use of the studio, had the boys lined up and ready and one at a time they came in and I took 1-3 shots of them individually. I created a massive composite and this is the result.


Ashley & Alex - An Engagement Session

Do you remember Ashley? Well, after her session Alex surprised her by proposing! She said yes :) and I had the pleasure of then photographing their engagement pictures.


Broad vs Short Lighting

broad lighting vs short lighting comparison

When starting out in photography you kind of just put your subject out in the sun or near a window and as long as they have light on their face, you think 'that's good' (I know I was there when I started).  After a bit, once you dive in more, you start to learn that lighting is key in photography.

Broad vs Short Lighting
These lighting types can be accomplished using natural or artificial light sources (window light was used in the above examples). To the left we have broad lighting, notice the majority of the light is on the side of her face that faces the camera the most. It lights the broad side of her face, this type of lighting will make the subject appear fuller and adds dynamic.
Short lighting, in the example to the right, the light is on the side of her face that is least visible. This type of lighting is great for thinning out your subjects, contouring and adding drama.

Do you practice short and/or broad lighting? Which is your favorite?

Garrett {Senior}

A super big congrats and luck heading Garrett's way, he will be off to basic training for the Navy, then he will be off to BUDS for SEAL training :)


Ashley {Senior}

Meet Ashley, she is pretty darn fabulous! She is graduating from SHSU and will be a teacher for Conroe ISD in the fall. Congrats Ashley :)


After her session, her boyfriend had a question for her...

She said YES!!!

Marketing: Find your client

 So, now you know who you are...right?  That's great! Now you can begin to pinpoint your ideal clientele. I want you to think about your favorite people, you don't necessarily have to personally know them. Go ahead, think really hard. Now let's get ready to describe them.
  • How old are they?
  • What sort of job do they have?
  • What is their income level?
  • Do they have kids?
  • Do they have pets?
  • Where do they live?
  • What are their hobbies?
  • Where do they hang out at?
  • What is their typical weekend like?
  • Do they have any special quirks?
These are pretty basic, but it can lead you to figuring out exactly WHO you are trying to find. In the next post we will talk about how to lead these new ideal clients straight to your door.


Marketing: Who are you?

The most informative class that has helped my business aside from Drama (seriously, but I'll talk about that later), was marketing. It is likely that I enjoyed the class so much because the instructor actually knew and was able to convey tactics and theories, simply put, he knew his stuff!  With marketing, you have to pinpoint who you are - you absolutely have to, or at least I truly believe that you do.  So, let's embark on this journey to help you market your business, or more effectively, yourself.

Who are you? That is a loaded question, isn't it...
  1. What is your style:
  2. What type of personality do you have:
  3. Who do you photograph:
  4. What type of editing style do you have:
These are basic questions to start you off. The hard part is finding the answers, so let's get that started.

What is your personal style? How do you friends describe you? Trendy, Eclectic, Traditional, Whimsical, Vintage?
How do you define your personality? Quiet, Serious, Thoughtful, Strange, Awesome?
Who do you photograph? What makes your heart sing...Kids, Couples, Babies?
What type of editing style do you have? This is often one of the most difficult to pinpoint! My best advice is to browse your favorite photographers and choose 5 images that truly speak to you. What do they have in common? Doing this can also help to lead you in the direction of your personal shooting style if you're looking to narrow that down.
Before you can ever market your product, which in the case of photography is often yourself - you must first understand WHO you are before you can figure out who they are.


All that's awesome, a fab Giveaway! - CLOSED

 2013 has started off fabulously!  To celebrate the new year, and just because winning stuff is awesome and giving things is ah-mazing, I am doing a giveaway :) I am utterly smitten that so many fantastic vendors are a part of this because they all totally rock my socks and make my heart swoon - seriously.
There will be ONE amazingly lucky winner that will snag all of the prizes!

Vanessa Astudillo-Sanders

The giveaway will run April 8th - 14th with each participant's entry to be to like all Facebook pages and the option for extra entry if you share it on your page :)

Photoshop Web Workshop
My online Photoshop workshop is a four week long web workshop centered on the way that I work within the program. The focus is on my workflow, combined with many tips, tricks and various ways to clean up your images and work in Photoshop. There are over 2 hours worth videos that cover step by step how to achieve a clean look and solve many problems that photographers run into. This workshop is done in CS5, with additional videos in PSE 7.

Save 40% during the giveaway  http://www.morgankervin.com/photoshop.html

Wow your clients with this chic magazine style client catalog for the stylish photographer. This catalog is comprised of 14 Fully editable template files in .PSD format to create your own client catalog that is perfectly you! Each file has tips on what to include on that particular page, to help walk your client through your entire process and cut down on commonly asked questions. All of the files are compatible with Photoshop and PSE and conveniently sized to 8.5 x 11 300ppi for easy printing or online showcasing. This catalog is delivered in zipped format for easy download and purchase is non-refundable, purchasers also agree to the Terms of Use upon payment. Prize is for templates to create your own client guide.  Prize is for a digital download of template files and not an actual hard copy printed catalog. 
Save 40% during the giveaway http://www.morgankervin.com/catalog.html

$50 certificate to design and personalize a locket. Winner gets to pick charms, locket, chain, plates, or dangles to fulfill the prize.
Chelsea will pay for shipping in the US; international shipping must be paid for by winner.
Smooth Me Out Baby!
The perfect combination of portraiture settings to create that soft, smooth and dreamy look for your newborn images.
Have you struggled with obtaining that soft look with your newborn images? Ever wanted your images to have that creaminess we all melt for? Ever wonder what portraiture settings the pros use to perfect their images? Look no further. Smooth Me Out Baby! is a convenient action equipped with Ashlyn Dawson's "secret" portraiture settings for that perfectly sweet, soft and creamy newborn finish!
No need to fiddle around with portraiture settings. No need to complete each step one by one. This convenient action does all the hard work for you! Simply select the action, click play and your newborn images will be as smooth as a baby's bum!
** must have a basic understanding on how to load and use actions in photoshop and/or elements
** must have a basic understanding of how to use layer masks
** must have portraiture installed in order to use this action. the portraiture plugin can be purchased here: http://imagenomic.com/pt.aspx
** digital download. no refunds or exchanges are permitted under any circumstances
** this action is protected under federal copyright laws. sharing and/or reselling will result in Legal Action

2-Hour "Sounding Board" Consultation
 Conversational guidance to help photographers find themselves in order to best showcase their photography.
 Expires June 30, 2013

 Be a Dreamer Action Set (for photoshop or elements)
 This action collection is a representation of my heart & vision.
It includes 10 actions, a matte action and a gold bokeh overlay.
 Only works in photoshop or elements, winner must specify which program they're

 1 year membership to Chic Critique Forum (78 dollar value)

 (2) Upcycled Newborn Hats & Pant combo ($20 value)

 $50 Zin Frames gift certificate

Rainbow Chevron Dress 
 This super trendy dress is 100% and is perfect for summer! It has 3/4 inch sleeves and hits approximately at mid calf. It is available in sizes 3-11.

 Boysenberry Newborn Cabled Bonnet with ties
 KK will ship within the united states

 Custom-made mobile, you help me design it!
 US or APO only, please allow 2-3 weeks for completion (I have two little buddies at home with me who take a great deal of my time :) )

Swoon the Moon Photography & Design
Texture mega set: all 4 collections from swoon the moon, includes 96 textures total.
96 high resolution textures to add tone, texture and more to your workflow.
Save 30% during the giveaway using the code "mkp30" http://swoonthemoon.blogspot.com/p/photographers-tools.html
The winner will be chosen using a random number generator. The winner will be announced April 16th if winner does not claim their prizes in 48 hours a new winner will be drawn.

**Vendors and their family cannot enter**

Facebook rules:
You will not be notified publicly via Facebook if you are a winner. You MUST be 18 to participate. You MAY NOT reside in Belgium, Norway, Sweden, or India according to Facebook rules.International players may enter but may be responsible for the shipping in order to receive their prize. This promotion is in NO WAY sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.


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