How to make a lil guy bowtie!

Supplies you will need:

  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Fabric of choice
  • Fabric glue
  • Sewing machine/thread or sewing needle and thread (not pictured)
  • Ribbon of choice
  • Clip on earring backings
  • Hot glue gun/glue Sticks (not pictured)
  • E 6000 glue (not pictured) optional

1-Start off with your fabric of choice and cut 10x6 (this will fit an older boy 6 and up, scale down for younger ages). I used my rotary cutter on top of my quilt mat but you can use scissors within your craft area if you so choose.

2-Now turn your fabric wrong side out and fold in half, you will sew all along the outside edge. Leave one small opening at a corner of your fabric like so. If you cannot sew don’t fret! Use your Fabri Tac glue and let dry. You can use your Fabri Tac for any portion of this if you can not sew.


3-Turn your fabric right side out by pulling the fabric through the hole you left, like so. I am using a high tech marker to help push my fabric through. I am just fancy like that.

4-Now fold the frayed part of your fabric you left open (at the corner) and sew (or glue it shut).


5-You are going to take both ends/sides of your fabric and fold them to the middle like so. I used glue (fabri tac) to secure it.

6-Now pinch in the middle and grab your ribbon and earring back!

7-Glue your backing on (or sew) I recommend E 6000 for the gluing of the earring backing, and hot glue for the ribbon. Wrap your ribbon around and connect in the back.

8-Voila! Fit for a black tie night, date with mommy, or family paparazzi!

Do not alter this tutorial and use for your own financial gain. This tutorial is drafted for Morgan's blog (by MrsWags) and for the use of individuals wanting to make an item for photography purposes.
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Guest blogger Amy Jo Wagner, is a stay at home mom, military wife, crafter, student and photographer. As a guest blogger she hopes to teach you all how to craft on a budget for personal use or photography use . Her current eye candy comes from Morgan Kervin, Rita of The CoffeeShop Blog and Pink Paisley Photography.
"My real job is being a stellar mother and wife, my hobbies are crafting and photographing life's special moments"


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