Newborns: Prepping the parents

Did you read last week's entry on prepping yourself for the session?

One thing you want to remember is that the parents of your littlest clients are nervous, this is their new, tiny, fragile bundle of perfection.  They are probably sleep deprived aka zombie mode.  It is ideal that you give them a step-by-step breakdown of what to do and expect at the session so things go smoothly.


This is the list I send to my newbie parents:

What to do:
*Try to not feed your baby for 2 hours before the session so they are hungry.
*Try to keep your baby awake for 1 or more hours before the session so they are sleepy.
*The room will be very warm, near 85-90*F so it is still cozy when the baby is nude.
*Bring your little one in loose fitting clothing so that there are minimal clothing indentations.
*Once you arrive at your session we will undress the baby right away.
*Once your baby is undressed you will get to feed your baby, this will make your baby ready to sleep and easy for the session.
*While your baby is eating we will go over questions concerns and last minute set up ideas you may have.
*Once your baby is fed I will take him/her and we will begin the session, so relax and enjoy.....babies can smell fear :)

What to bring:
*Bring at least 2 bottles for baby to eat (or if you are nursing, any supplies for that).
*If your baby takes a pacifier, please bring a few.
*Bring any special items your would like to incorporate, such as theme items or family heirlooms.
*Bring an extra set of clothes for you and baby....because everybody poops, especially babies.

Keep in mind:
*For older siblings bring a toy or special snack for them to feel special as well.
*Keep clothing simple and cohesive.
*Be patient, chances are your baby will cry and that's ok, I am used to soothing newborns. It will feel like there is so much time being spent soothing your baby, but that's ok I am still getting great shots of your little one.
*Feel free to bring a book, and relax.

I look forward to seeing you again, and meeting your new baby!


In the email make sure to ask a few questions - that way you KNOW that they have read over the list.  If they don't answer your questions within a few days, send them a reminder :)

  • Nursery theme
  • Heirlooms they would like included
  • Any health issues that you need to be aware of

In addition to all of that make sure to send a reminder of the location, session time and date as well as contact information should they need to pull up the informational email (it is best to have the information in one place, as new parents don't have time to hunt for it).

 These are the basic things you will need to help the parents for a newborn session.
Next week we will touch on what to do when it's time for the newborn session.

 Thank you to Rachel Brenke for snapping this at her son's newborn session at the Jewels Avenue studio.


  1. Great tips Morgan! I *almost* want to have another just for pictures...LOL!


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