Tiny changes - Big difference

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Body language - it's the way photographers convey the meaning in images.  Everyone has a bad angle, and everyone has their best angles....it is your job as a photographer to figure out the very best way to photograph your clients so that they look their very best.

1. I start out far away so that I can 'see' with my camera eye (yes that's my own way of saying it) - the view IS different. Here you can see that her front leg is bent - creating a nice curve.  Also notice that her elbow is bent - thus creating that beautiful shape that is oh-so-feminine.
2. I moved in closer so that I could get a better view of that adorable belly. You can tell by the angle that I am slightly below her eye level (making her head seem smaller than it is and making her belly look larger). The 90* angle is ok but not completely flattering.
3. I moved up above/equal to her eye level so that it equals out the proportions of head|belly. Again the 90* angle isn't quite IT.
4. Now that the angle is higher than eye level I moved slightly to the left so it isn't quite 90* but still showing the belly size. In addition to the angle and sidestepping I also adjusted her hand to rest on to of her belly dividing the breast|belly line.
*I remind my maternity clients to always keep their fingers together - to avoid the look they are 'clawing' at their belly.


1. Again I start further back and tell them to hug the belly.
2. I switch up the angle again to see how it looks.
3. I prefer the angle of more straight on for this particular shot, something just wasn't right...
4. The hands! If it doesn't seem to click swap the hands.


1. As always I back it up first - I had an idea in my head but it didn't translate well so it was time to move.
2. Tried a variation of my idea - again it didn't quite work - mainly because her belly was leading and making her head seem smaller than it is.
3. A new angle - I move - if I have an idea I move around until I get it right. Keeping her in the same position but gaining different perspectives yields a very different result.


1. You can see it isn't bad - but it is definitely off. Hands are good, arm placement good....
2. Change up the legs! By having her bring her front leg forward and on her toe it instantly slims her and creates a great feminine shape.
3. Again it isn't bad and everything is pretty much as it should be, but it isn't complimentary.
4. A slight change of hand placement - moving it back to create a bit of space between arm|back allows the eye to see the shape of her body, instantly slimming her again.


  1. Great post, thank you!!

  2. Morgan, great post! Thanks for the tips. All good photos, but the ones on the far right certainly do prove your points.

  3. awesome! thanks for posting

  4. Thanks for sharing, it opened my eyes to posing!


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