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Maternity sessions can be tons of fun!  There are a few things you should keep in mind throughout the time you are photographing the beautiful momma-to-be.

  1. Step-Up. Have Mom put her foot that is closest to you/the camera forward a few inches then pull her heel up off of the ground so she is on the ball of that front foot, while keeping her weight on her back leg.
  2. No claws! One of my biggest things with maternity sessions is telling them to keep their fingers together and relaxed - otherwise you will get the Mom talons, like she is about to claw the baby free - eek!
  3. Degrees* Front on belly doesn't often translate very well - try to have Mom stand 45* to you - then try 90* or better yet YOU climb up on a step ladder and look down.
  4. Space.  Maternity can be tough when it comes to keeping the shape of a woman - to do this you want to create space between her arms and waist, even if it's just a tiny bit.
  5. Wardrobe!  You won't always have a Momma that is ready to bare her belly - or more - so make sure to properly style your maternity sessions. Clothes that hold shape are great, you want to avoid the mu-mu during the styling ;) Tank tops - jeans - cute dresses that show off the belly - layers that accentuate just under the bust - belts and oh so cute accessories ♥
  6. Location - location - location. It should make sense as well as keep it simple so that the focus is still clear as to what you're photographing.
  7. Fun times!  It's always great to get the standard shots, then get creative with your ideas - then GO NUTS! Get crazy and come up with some fun ideas that showcase the amazingly fun people you are photographing :D
  8. Bringing a piece of them. Incorporate something that is special to the family/couple. Some item that will belong to baby. Something that is special to Mom/Dad - make it personal.
  9. Connection. When you toss Dad into the mix on a maternity session - chances are it will be a great thing! First if the man is there and willing that is amazing!  Make sure that you show a clear connection and keep them touching in some way or another - sweet simple affection.

This Inspire edition was photographed by Morgan Kervin Photography as intended for educational purposes and to inspire other photographers to step out of the box and create wonderful memories for their maternity clients.

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