Not created equal

Probably my most insightful quote to date:

"Not all photographers are created equal.
Don't go to someone based on price - instead invest in the one that makes you love looking at the world through their eyes.
Don't go to the one all the 'cool people' go to - invest in the one that makes your heart sing when looking through their photos.
You need to love almost everything your photographer offers and more important than that, you need to love your photographer's personality - those are most important or you won't get the magical images that are uniquely you."

This means more than even just the surface text.  There is a reason that a lot of photographers advertise that they specialize in something - it isn't just because that is what brings in the most money or what is the highest in demand.  A photographer with a specialty knows what they are good at and know the ins and outs of it - not all photographers are created equal.

So for example:
You are engaged and have hired photographer Jane to capture your special day - that is her specialty after all :) GREAT!
A year later you find out you're expecting, you give Jane a call and she says 'no' - don't be discouraged.  If that isn't her field of expertise she would be doing you a disservice to take your hard earned money not having the experience in maternity/birth/newborn photography.

Not all types of photography are the same! If you want to hire a photographer, do the research and find the photographer that works best for you....both in price and quality....don't just go to the one everyone else goes to.

Sports - your photographer will need to have the proper equipment and time
Wedding - your photographer will need to have the capable equipment, time and an assistant
Birth  - your photographer will need to have the equipment, emotional/mental and flexible schedule to accommodate
Portrait - your photographer will need to have the equipment, knowledge and skills
Newborn - your photographer will need the equipment and experience



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