How to make Photo booth props for a party

Have a wedding coming up? Birthday, bachelorette party, or well…just any excuse to wear a mustache? We will learn how to make those famous mustaches on a stick today. Simple, easy and fun, all in one. Let’s gather our supplies shall we? You will need:

-Mustache stencils/download from this site:

-Kissy Lips/ download from this site:

-Superhero Action Words download from this site:

- Dowel rods (the skinnier the gauge the better)

-Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks

-Felt (preferably all wool felt)

-Scissors and exacto craft blade

-Embroidery Floss and thin embroidery floss needle.

-Fabric marker

-Tip Print your printables out on a thick paper to ensure sturdiness.

1-First step print out your free printable link listed above, yes free! Next step take your scissors and cut out all of the stencils from your paper.

2-Now place your paper stencils on top of your wool felt and trace the outline. Why wool felt? Wool felt is by far more sturdy and durable than just regular craft felt. This ensures more durability of your photo booth items so that they can be used time and again, as opposed to being disposed of after just one use. On a side note how fun would it be to use faux fur for a furry mustache? Give it a whirl!

3- Take your scissors or exacto knife and cut all along the outline that you traced with your fabric pen (make sure to use a fabric pen because a regular marker may seep through your felt). Remember to turn the side with the fabric marker towards the back (the side you will hot glue to the stick) so that the outline does not show after cutting. Voila! Mustachio! Now on to the kissy lips!

4- Grab your embroidery floss and needle and get to stitching! Stitch them in a way that is complimentary to the design. Pictured is the back of the design, the floss is knotted at both ends.

5- Now go get your photo booth on!

Weeeee! Time to get down and dirty in a photo booth baby! Go bananas! XOXO

Guest blogger Amy Jo Wagner, is a stay at home mom, military wife, crafter, student and photographer. As a guest blogger she hopes to teach you all how to craft on a budget for personal use or photography use . Her current eye candy comes from Morgan Kervin, Rita of The CoffeeShop Blog and Pink Paisley Photography.
"My real job is being a stellar mother and wife, my hobbies are crafting and photographing life's special moments"