Davis {family} | Killeen family photographer

So I'm sure you all recognize this beauty (she is all over my website) and now nearly 6 months later here she is! As lovely as ever, and with her beautiful momma that you should also recognize ;) I met these two amazing gals downtown and we had a blast as we always do!


The winners!

Now that photo[ed] has been officially launched and the giveaway has ended it's time to announce the six winners! 

 1st prize winner - free registration - Ashley Hatten
2nd winner -  $50 off registration - Malisa Phillips
3rd winner - $40 off registration - Beverly Clark (shutter girl)
4th winner - $30 off registration - Faryn Bardin
5th winner - $20 off registration - Jay Simmons
6th winner - $10 off registration - Nick and Kristen Sylvester

Congratulations to the winners and thank you all that entered! Winners email me at morgan@morgankervin.com to claim your prize. All winners must claim their prize by Dec. 4th or will forfeit their prize entirely (no exceptions). I look forward to more giveaways in the future!


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