RB & MK Workshop

Yesterday, was a great Saturday in Texas.
It consisted of a beautiful little area, 20 photographers, 2 teachers and 4 models.

Rachel Brenke Photography & Morgan Kervin Photography hosted this workshop in hopes of teaching aspiring photographers how to work in manual mode, how to pose subjects, how to work with lighting as well as with reflectors and scrims. It was two intense 3 hour workshops - jam packed full of information! Each attendee was presented with Rachel and Morgan at their full disposal to answer any and all questions, and they also got to take home some goodie bags with items from wonderful sponsors.


  1. wow that looks like so much fun! i would love to attend a workshop like this...only wish you were a little further north.

  2. I had a blast. thank you so much. You were amazing and I cannot wait to learn more from you <3 <3 <3

  3. I live in the DFW area and really need help with outdoor shoots with families mostly but maybe posing 2+ for photos! Very interested if you guys are gonna offer another!


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