RB & MK Workshop

Yesterday, was a great Saturday in Texas.
It consisted of a beautiful little area, 20 photographers, 2 teachers and 4 models.

Rachel Brenke Photography & Morgan Kervin Photography hosted this workshop in hopes of teaching aspiring photographers how to work in manual mode, how to pose subjects, how to work with lighting as well as with reflectors and scrims. It was two intense 3 hour workshops - jam packed full of information! Each attendee was presented with Rachel and Morgan at their full disposal to answer any and all questions, and they also got to take home some goodie bags with items from wonderful sponsors.


Brooks {family} | Killeen family photographer


The End....

It's the end of my journey in the photography world - the beginning of my journey back to my own life. Bittersweet. This has been a very difficult decision to come to, one that I have internally battled back and forth with myself over. A decision that makes me cringe and smile at the same time. It is the end of MKP, the end of my professional photographic journey. I have loved almost every moment, meeting new people and watching their family grow through the years. I come to this decision with a heavy heart, but it is much needed....quite passed due.

All sessions that have a date and time already set out are still being honored, and those expecting that I've already spoken with - you still have your sessions with me. I will not, however, schedule any other sessions.

I have already had many people contact me, and expressing their support - but still asking why. There are many reasons, many many reasons. One is that I have lost sight of me in hopes of becoming she, now those that are in the same shoes know exactly what I'm talking about.....others will get it one day. I am also giving in to society, as bad as it is, as much as I shouldn't...I am. The mass majority of people in my general area have begun to either become photographers themselves or to severely undercut the competition (me). The result is clients that expect a lot, for very little - and that, my friend, is not worth the massive amount of time spent away from my family - my children. I am also unable to keep up, so many emails, calls and messages asking for information - information easily accessible on the internet....yet I am asked instead of having previously used the handy dandy search engine to find their answer...easier for you - yet inconveniencing to me. I love helping others, but only those that also help themselves and have a high respect for others. Aside from the business side, I am missing out on my own life. I am missing my babies grow up, and before long they will be rebellious teenagers, instead of loving little tots. I am missing out on loving my husband and showing him the attention he deserves. I am missing out on ME, being able to take just a few hours of time for myself - to meditate and reflect on my own life and aspirations.

Photography is a beautiful thing, but the business side and the people can suck the beauty out of it. So for those reasons, I bid you all adieu! Wishing you all the very best and thanking you for all that you have done, the support, the love, the inspiration - thank you.


Calo {family} | Killeen family photographer

I love to watch my clients grow! I met Olivia in May, and now just 3 months later here she is - all smiles and so happy :)


Brooklynn {child} | Killeen child photographer

I can't believe it! When I title this little cutie's posts from now on I have to call her child instead of baby....Happy 1st birthday Brooklynn :)


Jackson {couple} | Killeen couples photographer

Happy almost 2 year anniversary you two!


Luna {family} | Killeen family photographer

Such an easy going beautiful family I had the pleasure to work with tonight!


Stephen & Sammie {children} | Killeen child photographer

L♥ve these two cutie-pies! I am always happy to have them in front of my camera :)


Crystal {maternity} | Killeen maternity photographer

Can you believe this adorable momma is on baby #4 - she doesn't look it. She has the beautiful pregnancy glow and her family is just oh-so-adorable!
 I wish you the best labor and cannot wait to meet your sweet little girl ♥


James & Nicole

The beautiful happy couple


Exposure Triangle

You must learn it in order to easily manipulate the manual controls of your camera.
Shutter speed - Aperture - ISO
Tack sharp - Bokeh - POP

Ok now that I've gotten the crazy out of the way :) let's get on to the real point....the exposure triangle. When you want to start learning manual mode you will learn quickly that not just one thing goes in to getting that perfect exposure. 

Let me show you a little demonstration:

ISO - 100
Aperture - f/1.8

Shutter - 1/2000

Do you see the creamy background? How the subject is clearly defined and seems to POP as opposed to the rest of the scene? BOKEH - aesthetic quality of the blur - is what that is.

So let's get on to the triangle part of the lesson, let's say I needed to adjust my aperture....I won't be able to ONLY adjust that - I need to reciprocate to keep the triangle balanced.

ISO - 100
Aperture - f/3.2
Shutter - 1/640

What happened? The background is a little less blurred, more in focus. This allows for more of the image to be in focus (for example photographing more subjects in the same frame).
So how did I do that?
I closed down my aperture 5 stops so I had to RECIPROCATE with my shutter by slowing it down 5 stops. What you do to one, you MUST do to the other in order to maintain proper exposure.

Let's go another 5 stops, reciprocating of course.

ISO - 100
Aperture - f/5.6
Shutter - 1/200


You see there is even more of the image in focus now - while maintaining the same exposure.

Let's go 5 more, remembering to reciprocate to keep the triangle balanced.

ISO - 100
Aperture - f/10
Shutter - 1/60

So this whole time I have managed to keep the ISO the same and only adjust the shutter and aperture. You can see now that my shutter is getting quite slow at 1/60. I can still close down my aperture 5 more stops, but I cannot slow my shutter down 5 more stops without greatly increasing the possibility of camera shake....luckily I can adjust my ISO to keep the triangle balanced.


ISO - 400
Aperture - f/18
Shutter - 1/50

By adding the adjustment of the ISO in conjunction with the shutter speed I was able to maintain the balance.


The Confidence Journey

Dr. Morales

Spartan Performance Meals


The Confidence Journey - 100 days

Today, there are 100 days until showtime. Just 100 sets of 24 hours to get to where I need to be physically, mentally and emotionally. 100 d...