Clean edit (newborn)

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Action used: MCP's Free High Definition Sharpening Photoshop Actions

  • To brighten I duplicated the layer and changed the blend mode to screen and lowered the opacity to about 25%.
  • Normally I use portraiture 
  • Fixing color casts

Have you heard the news?!

Fstop Frenzy - the cool, hip new photography community and learning resource....that is FREE is now here!
I know, it is super exciting and I am so happy to announce it was released and received with great success yesterday. With nearly 3,000 hits in less than 24 hours and over 600 Facebook fans Rachel Brenke Photography and I have high hopes for the site.

Grab the FSF buttonFSF will have:
  • Weekly challenges with GREAT prizes
  • Exclusive discounts on preferred vendors
  • Weekly giveaways by our preferred exclusive vendors
  • So many tutorials and feedback you'll be sick of it!

Both women have spent the last few years helping other photographers better themselves and have brought it together to be a wealth of information all in one place! It is designed to be a safe place for new and seasoned photographers and momtographers to come and learn new things as well as get great deals on products, because most of us are proparazzi anyway :)  As FSF grows so will the site, eventually to offer a forum for everyone to chat and share their creativity.


Payton & Amelia | Killeen child photographer

Back - To - School
Really, Oh My Goodness!

These little cuties are my own, modeling a custom skirt and bow-tie made by Valeriya

Olivia {newborn} | Killeen newborn photographer

I spent the morning with little Olivia and her family. This adorable baby girl is 7 weeks old, but wasn't due to make her debut until next week - she is so curious and makes the cutest noises! She definitely knows what she wants and makes a perfect addition to her family.



The Confidence Journey

Dr. Morales

Spartan Performance Meals


The Confidence Journey - 100 days

Today, there are 100 days until showtime. Just 100 sets of 24 hours to get to where I need to be physically, mentally and emotionally. 100 d...