Jayda {newborn} | Killeen newborn photographer

I absolutely adore when my maternity clients come back just a few weeks later and I get to meet their new adorable bundle of joy! I got to know this beautiful, sassy momma not long ago and today I got to meet her equally beautiful and sassy daughter....I ♥ my job!



  1. beautiful! What do you use to pose your newborns on? I love the purple...is that a blanket?

  2. I use a standard bean bag filled up all the way. Under her head is a small blanket to prop her arms/head up. The purple is 2 yards of fleece :)

  3. Morgan, just wanted to say that it's very professional of you to share your 'secrets' when someone asks (ex. Paula's question above). Most photographers are too insecure. I'm definitely a fan of yours!

  4. No point in not contributing to other photographer's success :)

  5. A-dorable!!! Great great clarity!



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