Showcasing a fighter! {Jayden}

 Once upon a time there was a beautiful woman expecting her first child, a son who would be named Jayden. Everything seemed fine until Jayden was about 6 months old and his pediatrician heard a loud heart murmur. Jayden was referred to a cardiologist that discovered he had a large hole in his heart-what is called an atrial septal defect.  Most kids with ASD don't develop as quickly, but Jayden did which is why is his cardiologist opted to wait until he was a little older to have his procedure.  When he turned 6, his Doctor decided to schedule what's called a cath procedure to have a catheter put on his his heart to kind of hold it in place, which is done by going through the leg attaching it to the heart.  On June 24, 2010 Jayden and his family went to Cook Children's Hospital in Ft. Worth to have his procedure done, but there were complications, the surgeon determined that his hole was way too big for the catheter and the walls around the hole were too weak to hold it.  Sadly, open heart surgery was scheduled for the next morning and Jayden was in surgery for several hours.  What was meant to be a one night stay in the hospital turned into a week long stay and a 6 week recovery.  For six weeks, he couldn't lift his arms because of his ribs being broken in order to get to his heart...which for a 6 year old was almost impossible.  This meant that he couldn't throw a ball, couldn't play his Wii, couldn't catch, had to wear a pillow between his chest and a seat belt, no swimming, even no hugging!  He was very restricted to what he could do.  He had to be on medications around the clock.  About a week after being home, he was hospitalized again because he began to developed fluid around his heart and Jayden battled with the fluid for another month after surgery.  Finally, he was put on steroids and the fluid finally drained.  Almost a year later, Jayden has been 100% cleared to do all activities he'll always have to be seen by a cardiologist, but he is healthy!  Thank God!! 



  1. wow, what a moving story. So nice to have a happy ending, stay strong and keep on fighting jayden!

  2. They're both absolutely beautiful!

  3. That is an incredible story with some BEAUTIFUL images to accompany it! Way to go Jayden!!!

  4. Summer Turley-KnightMay 2, 2011 at 2:33 PM

    my son had the same defect! It was discovered at 1 day old and he had surgery two months ago at 3 months of age. It's an incredibly hard thing to go through as a parent and I can't imagine explaining it to a child. God has some special things in store for these boys!

  5. Such a wonderful ending to a story of overcoming the odds! BEAUTIFUL images! I bet mom is sobbing tears of joy looking at these pictures!

  6. Beautiful story with a wonderful ending. You definitely captured wonderful emotion in these images.

  7. ugh...that last picture had me tearing up. I know that look of protectiveness all too well. Beautiful pics & wonderful story! I'm so happy he is doing so much better now!

  8. My son Hayden also had the same defects and had his open heart surgery at age 5 we batteled a staff infection for 6 months after surgery but is great now. He is 10 and is the catcher on his baseball team he caught four games this last saturday. I tell him that girls dig scars!!



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