Suh {Family} | Killeen Family Photographer

The bluebonnets are waning and definitely won't be around more than a few days but these ladies would have stolen the spot light even if the bluebonnets were waist high and in full bloom!
I had such a fun time with them, with the screaming because of the mean old ladybugs and braved it through giant spiders. I hope you enjoy your little prizes Nicole, and Karina you are the perfect model, you don't give yourself enough credit.

I will have your completed gallery posted soon!


  1. These are fantastic, Morgan. Have you ever entered a photo in the I Heart Faces contests? I never have, but I plan to make time to do so one of these days. Anyway, the new theme is WIND and I just KNOW that first photo can easily make top ten! It's perfect! You should definitley enter it!

  2. Love, love, love that first one!


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