Showcase: SugarSnappers

Recently at Prop Insanity I won a gift certificate for $25 toward SugarSnappers
Talk about excited :D
I have a home studio which doesn't afford me space to have more than one faux floor, with SugarSnappers and a little Photoshop magic I can have a whole hoard of floors!
It's fairly simple to use once you figure out your own way of doing it. I can interchange all the floor styles in less than 3 minutes to find the one that is perfect for the shot.

What it is: The floors are high quality images that you use in overlay mode. The set comes with horizontal and vertical orientations as well as varying base boards.
How much is it: Each set is $65 or you can buy them all at once for a $165.
Ease of use: At first I was over thinking how to use them, I sat back and watch the video tutorial as well as read the instructions that came along with the images and I got it.
What do I need: To make the flooring work you will need an image with a floor already there (you can get flooring for cheap or free at your local hardware/flooring store). You will need Photoshop or similar editing software. 
In Photoshop you will need to use: eraser, layers, blend mode

Over all I'm quite happy with the products, they really thought it through to offer both orientations as well as matching base boards :)

They have three styles:
Barnwood (I have)
Classic Dark
Classic Light

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  1. I just bought the barnwood yesterday and am VERY happy with my purchase. Super easy to use & they are totally realistic.

  2. I have been wondering about the flooring that I have been seeing in many photos recently. Glad you explained it.

  3. I bought the barnwood a couple of weeks ago and fell in love! I have yet to send them to print though, how are they in that area? Great product! ;)


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