Showcase: LemonDrop Stop Backdrops

If you're a photographer you know how important backdrops are, you know even more how important QUALITY backdrops are. I am the type to enter every giveaway I see in the hopes that I will win, this was the case when I was introduced to LemonDrop Stop Backdrops. I have a few backdrops, most of mine are fabrics but the problem with fabrics is that they wrinkle and you have to steam them or hang them for a while or clamp them very tight to keep them nice and wrinkle free during photoshoots. I also have seamless papers that I love, but the problem with the paper is that is tears easily, and gets crumpled if the floor isn't flat.

Recently I entered a giveaway over at LemonDrop Stop's Facebook page which was to suggest the page to your friends and both the new fan and the old fan would win a backdrop of their choice. When my suggested friend won I was ecstatic because honestly I wanted a backdrop from them like you would not believe BUT I was skeptical since they are polypaper....I had no clue what that meant like most people.

So it took me a few days to make my decision on which one to get, since I wanted most of them :) I ended up going with the brick wall since it is very much my style and I thought it would be the most versatile for me. It was delivered to my house and I took it out immediately! I was pleasantly surprised about the feel of the paper. It feels like a flexible card stock. Imagine seamless paper feeling lightly laminated and that is the feel of the polypaper.

I am very pleased with everything at LemonDrop Stop, from the customer service, quick shipping and the quality of the product everything they provide is top notch and I highly recommend them.

The backdrop is perfect for two small subjects, this is a little bit of a pull back so you see the size...these are two 5 year olds.

This backdrop is 60 inches x 5 feet.

All materials are water resistant and tear resistant but not indestructible. 
Material options: PolyPaper,and Vinyl Canvas Blend.

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  1. I've been drooling over these since you mentioned them on fb...maybe with my tax return!!!

  2. I have 10 drops from Lemondrop and I love every last one of them! Great review of her products. I second that the customer service is top notch, soooo fast! I have some of the canvas ones as well and they are more durable than the polypaper. I would highly suggest both though! Cute shots as well!

  3. Just purchased 4 backdrops from Lemondrop. Happy to hear just great reviews. Thank you for posting photos of your setup.


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