Showcase: Cozybebe

You are probably wondering what this is, right?
It's called a cozybebe and it reminds me of when I was a kid :)

Growing up in the country meant doing things a little unorthodox, but I'm thankful for that. One of the things my grandmother used to do was make these little sacks and fill them with corn to use as heating/cooling pads similar to this. Well, Alexandra-creator of cozybebe got in touch with me recently about her new product which is absolutely fabulous for newborn photographers...seriously!

What it is: A cherry pit filled pillow that can be warmed in the microwave. 
Once you heat it up you put it under your fabric backdrop to help keep baby cozy and also works wonders with gassy babies little tummies. It lasts anywhere from 25-50 minutes.
You can also use it as an ice pack!

Be careful: Simply put it in the microwave and heat to desired temperature. Always be careful to not overheat and test it on yourself first. Never take it from microwave to baby without testing it.  Please don’t eat it, or swallow it, it’s a pillow not food. Don’t get it wet. 

Available sizes: Small is about 7x 7- $15 
Big is about 11 x 7- $20
plus shipping

It’s a pillow that you can warm, is completely sterilized, all natural, chemical free and made here in the good ‘ol USA by Alexandra.

I can attest to the greatness of the cozybebe, everyone should have one :) 
It has so many uses, and it's more safe than a heating pad when photographing those new little bundles of joy.

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