Showcase: Sassy Designs

A few months ago I saw a post on Facebook from a friend of mine about this fabulous place, a place of whimsy and great sales...a place where happiness spreads like wildfire. I didn't know how easy things could be with templates instead of making each and every client 5 custom designs to choose from, I was losing time with my family and decided to make the transition to templates. The wonderful thing about Sassy Designs is that you have a template that is the same BUT you can add very different digital papers and other embellishments so that the standard templates you have can still be made custom with her thousands of digital papers! 
For example this was my family Christmas card

Now a clients Christmas card.
Same template different papers=different card

I use her digital papers to add new backgrounds to images as well

I also now am able to market myself with one of her fabulous marketing kits that I bought, now everything I have is cohesive and I am now officially branded!

She has great products at amazing prices and even more than that, she has sales all the time! I'm not talking about 10% off....I'm talking about 75-98% off!
Whenever she has a sale I stock up. I suggest making an account with her cart and start adding things then wait for one of her fabulous sales and get it all! The only thing that could make this store better would be to have a "buy all" button :)
What she has in store:
Digital papers
Card templates
Mini book/Photobook templates
Marketing kits
And more!


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