Showcase: Pamela Topping

I first 'met' Pamela Topping from a giveaway over at the CoffeeShop and I instantly knew I needed to contact her! First, it is so hard to find cute necklaces that I like...and her camera love necklace is beautiful AND has a function too :) You can use it to adjust white balance, how awesome is that. Then I noticed she has actions that create an ethereal feel, a feel that I love but can't ever seem to get right on my own. I have had the pleasure of using some of Pamela's actions and I ♥ them so much! She has graciously been a part of some fabulous giveaways and continues to bring out new products that I am excited to own and in the future purchase.



The Confidence Journey

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The Confidence Journey - 100 days

Today, there are 100 days until showtime. Just 100 sets of 24 hours to get to where I need to be physically, mentally and emotionally. 100 d...