Davis {family} | Killeen family photographer

So I'm sure you all recognize this beauty (she is all over my website) and now nearly 6 months later here she is! As lovely as ever, and with her beautiful momma that you should also recognize ;) I met these two amazing gals downtown and we had a blast as we always do!


The winners!

Now that photo[ed] has been officially launched and the giveaway has ended it's time to announce the six winners! 

 1st prize winner - free registration - Ashley Hatten
2nd winner -  $50 off registration - Malisa Phillips
3rd winner - $40 off registration - Beverly Clark (shutter girl)
4th winner - $30 off registration - Faryn Bardin
5th winner - $20 off registration - Jay Simmons
6th winner - $10 off registration - Nick and Kristen Sylvester

Congratulations to the winners and thank you all that entered! Winners email me at morgan@morgankervin.com to claim your prize. All winners must claim their prize by Dec. 4th or will forfeit their prize entirely (no exceptions). I look forward to more giveaways in the future!

photo[ed] launch and giveaway

It's here, it's here! This is the official MKP workshop that teaches you how to manually operate your camera successfully. With tons of information packed into 6 weeks this is the perfect workshop if you are wanting to step into shooting manually, but have no idea how to start. Not only is it jam-packed with information, but with registration you also get ME for the entire 6 weeks. Have any questions, ask. Honest feedback on all images submitted so that you are able to make your next images that much better!

It is priced fantastically, at $60 for the entire course!
So to officially launch the photo[ed] course, I am doing a little giveaway - because you know I love giveaways ♥

1st prize winner - free registration
2nd winner -  $50 off registration
3rd winner - $40 off registration
4th winner - $30 off registration
5th winner - $20 off registration
6th winner - $10 off registration

Yes that is 6 winners!
The entry period will be today through November 30th at 11:59pm CST.
Each winner will be able to choose their class date of either Dec. 1 or Jan. 15.
Winners must contact Morgan to claim their prize on Dec. 4th or they will forfeit their prize entirely.

How to enter?
Go to the MKP fanpage and make sure you like it!
Then on your personal or fanpage post the following:
'Tis the season to be full of cheer now that @Morgan Kervin Photography's photo[ed] is here!
(make sure to tag the fanpage when you post)

Come back and leave a comment letting me know you completed the entry process, one entry per person.
Best of luck to all!

The Bella Bun | Winner!

I was pleased to host a fabulous giveaway for The Bella Bun this past week - with so many beautiful and fun entries it was a tough decision for the brains over at The Bella Bun, but they did choose a winner....well two winners :)

The grand prize winner - winning one of The Bella Bun's shipped from MKP is......

Jennifer Stoehr

Congratulations Jennifer! Please contact MKP at morgan@morgankervin.com to sort out the details and get your prize.


Runner up is Pink Flower Photography│Caitlyn

Congratulations Caitlyn you have won a $25 Gift certificate to The Bella Bun! Please contact Amanda at amanda@logiodice.com to claim your prize.

Thank you to all the participants, and to the lovelies over at The Bella Bun!


Brooks | {Killeen child photographer}

You've seen them many, many times if you've frequented my blog - as adorable as ever - and so much fun!


Birthday Boy | {Killeen child photographer}


The Bella Bun : Giveaway and Showcase

The Bella Bun is a joint effort of Jediah & Amanda – a husband and wife team from Maine. Jediah handles the online shopping, shipping, and general business side of the Bella Bun and I am Amanda ( the artistic- creative side of the business) a photographer who could not find what I was looking for in a newborn photography poser so I decided to make one.  All of the baby posing options available  were basically bean bags that were puck shaped and flat on the top. Photographers then had to use other products (boppys, blankets, ext..) to prop the baby up on top. This caused bunching and extra time and frustration. I didn’t want to deal with any of that so I decided to design my own baby posing bag that had the contours already built in. The first Bella Bun was a mustard colors vinyl that I duct taped together ( and I  LOVED IT ).. the second one was sewn, but not much studier than the duct tape ( I am creative but not gifted with stitching) , from then on they have been made by a seamstress that we hired, there were a few adjustments here and there until it was perfect and everything I was hoping for in a baby posing bag,  and that is how the Bella Bun was born.

My husband and  I met online in a chat room way before online dating became popular (about 14 years ago). Less than a month after we met, we knew we wanted to be together, so  we got married.. after a few years of marriage we had a son, then another, then a baby girl. A couple of years later we adopted 2 children from Haiti. We made 3 trips to Haiti in 2009 and our children were emergency evacuated to the USA after the big earthquake in January 2010.  We are now a crazy, busy, loud, happy family of 7!  I’ve always been a bit of an artist and I love all things crafty. Some of my current interests (non photo related)  include designing and testing new recipes of Bees wax based products mostly creams and lip balm. 

One fun/ funny fact about us involving the Bella Bun is that my Husband answers the majority of the Facebook posts and emails not me, however everyone expects it to be me so they are constantly saying “thanks hun” – “thanks sweetie” “thanks girl” or even “thanks Amanda” and we rarely have the heart to correct them, so he has gotten used to being referred to as a girl.  I’m usually busy with our 5 children and my photography business, plus he is always connected to some device, doing 10 different things at once, so I just let him run with it.


Now on to the giveaway! 
The Bella Bun have graciously accepted to be showcased and give away one of their fabulous Bella Bun posing bags. I have personally used this new style of posing bag and have to say it is so easy to not have to use extra things to prop up a newborn, it also works great for the 'not quite sitting up' group.

knit hat by Bows by Mia

So what do you have to do to win? Take a photo or use one you have already taken with this in mind:
Baskets, bowls, or Containers enhancing a portrait 
This could be anything from a baby in a basket to a Dog drinking from a bowl.

Post the photo on-line somewhere and leave a link to it here in a comment (make sure it's public or it won't be approved, all comments are moderated). One entry per person, if more than one entry is entered - only the first will be approved.

The giveaway will run from now until Thursday November 10, 2011 at 11:59pm CST and the winner will be announced Saturday November 12. The winner will have 48 hours to contact me via e-mail to claim their prize or another winner will be chosen. The winner will be chosen by The Bella Bun staff and is non-negotiable. The Bella Bun will be shipped from MKP in Central Texas, not filled.


The Bella Bun can be found online in a few places.  The first of course being The Bella Bun web ordering page http://shop.bellabun.com . Then there is also the Bella Bun Facebook page, this is the page I recommend for sample images and Bella Bun information and F.A.Q.  http://www.facebook.com/thebellabun , Amanda's photography Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/amandarachaelphotographymaine or her photography webpage http://www.amandarachael.com 


Gallagher {family} | Killeen family photographer

It's that time of year, when clients begin to gear up for the Holidays and prepare to send out Holiday cards. I met up with this fun family early this chilly Texas morning for a mini session. I bet you wouldn't believe that the little girls did NOT want to sit for me :)


Dawson {family} | Killeen family photographer

I have the BEST clients - ever!
Seriously, ever. No one will ever have all the awesome-ness that my clients bring to me.
Anyhow, on to the beautiful Dawson family...minus Dad since he is off fighting the good fight and keeping our freedoms in tact, he was definitely there in spirit though.

So, I met this family a few months ago at baby Spencer's newborn session - LOVE ♥
This family, is stunning and I am so happy that I had the pleasure of meeting them :)


Paisley {newborn} | Killeen newborn photographer

I really love being able to watch families grow, and photograph them throughout their journey. Congratulations B family - you have a beautiful baby girl on your hands ♥


Dula-Klontz {couple} | Killeen couples photographer

I had the pleasure of photographing Momma DK and the kiddos while Daddy DK was away last year, that was a blast! I was honored to be chosen as this couple's decade anniversary photographer - thank you for letting me into your life DKs - you are all amazing ♥
Happy 10 years you two, and many many more!


RB & MK Workshop

Yesterday, was a great Saturday in Texas.
It consisted of a beautiful little area, 20 photographers, 2 teachers and 4 models.

Rachel Brenke Photography & Morgan Kervin Photography hosted this workshop in hopes of teaching aspiring photographers how to work in manual mode, how to pose subjects, how to work with lighting as well as with reflectors and scrims. It was two intense 3 hour workshops - jam packed full of information! Each attendee was presented with Rachel and Morgan at their full disposal to answer any and all questions, and they also got to take home some goodie bags with items from wonderful sponsors.


Brooks {family} | Killeen family photographer


The End....

It's the end of my journey in the photography world - the beginning of my journey back to my own life. Bittersweet. This has been a very difficult decision to come to, one that I have internally battled back and forth with myself over. A decision that makes me cringe and smile at the same time. It is the end of MKP, the end of my professional photographic journey. I have loved almost every moment, meeting new people and watching their family grow through the years. I come to this decision with a heavy heart, but it is much needed....quite passed due.

All sessions that have a date and time already set out are still being honored, and those expecting that I've already spoken with - you still have your sessions with me. I will not, however, schedule any other sessions.

I have already had many people contact me, and expressing their support - but still asking why. There are many reasons, many many reasons. One is that I have lost sight of me in hopes of becoming she, now those that are in the same shoes know exactly what I'm talking about.....others will get it one day. I am also giving in to society, as bad as it is, as much as I shouldn't...I am. The mass majority of people in my general area have begun to either become photographers themselves or to severely undercut the competition (me). The result is clients that expect a lot, for very little - and that, my friend, is not worth the massive amount of time spent away from my family - my children. I am also unable to keep up, so many emails, calls and messages asking for information - information easily accessible on the internet....yet I am asked instead of having previously used the handy dandy search engine to find their answer...easier for you - yet inconveniencing to me. I love helping others, but only those that also help themselves and have a high respect for others. Aside from the business side, I am missing out on my own life. I am missing my babies grow up, and before long they will be rebellious teenagers, instead of loving little tots. I am missing out on loving my husband and showing him the attention he deserves. I am missing out on ME, being able to take just a few hours of time for myself - to meditate and reflect on my own life and aspirations.

Photography is a beautiful thing, but the business side and the people can suck the beauty out of it. So for those reasons, I bid you all adieu! Wishing you all the very best and thanking you for all that you have done, the support, the love, the inspiration - thank you.


Calo {family} | Killeen family photographer

I love to watch my clients grow! I met Olivia in May, and now just 3 months later here she is - all smiles and so happy :)


Brooklynn {child} | Killeen child photographer

I can't believe it! When I title this little cutie's posts from now on I have to call her child instead of baby....Happy 1st birthday Brooklynn :)


Jackson {couple} | Killeen couples photographer

Happy almost 2 year anniversary you two!


Luna {family} | Killeen family photographer

Such an easy going beautiful family I had the pleasure to work with tonight!


Stephen & Sammie {children} | Killeen child photographer

L♥ve these two cutie-pies! I am always happy to have them in front of my camera :)


Crystal {maternity} | Killeen maternity photographer

Can you believe this adorable momma is on baby #4 - she doesn't look it. She has the beautiful pregnancy glow and her family is just oh-so-adorable!
 I wish you the best labor and cannot wait to meet your sweet little girl ♥


James & Nicole

The beautiful happy couple


Exposure Triangle

You must learn it in order to easily manipulate the manual controls of your camera.
Shutter speed - Aperture - ISO
Tack sharp - Bokeh - POP

Ok now that I've gotten the crazy out of the way :) let's get on to the real point....the exposure triangle. When you want to start learning manual mode you will learn quickly that not just one thing goes in to getting that perfect exposure. 

Let me show you a little demonstration:

ISO - 100
Aperture - f/1.8

Shutter - 1/2000

Do you see the creamy background? How the subject is clearly defined and seems to POP as opposed to the rest of the scene? BOKEH - aesthetic quality of the blur - is what that is.

So let's get on to the triangle part of the lesson, let's say I needed to adjust my aperture....I won't be able to ONLY adjust that - I need to reciprocate to keep the triangle balanced.

ISO - 100
Aperture - f/3.2
Shutter - 1/640

What happened? The background is a little less blurred, more in focus. This allows for more of the image to be in focus (for example photographing more subjects in the same frame).
So how did I do that?
I closed down my aperture 5 stops so I had to RECIPROCATE with my shutter by slowing it down 5 stops. What you do to one, you MUST do to the other in order to maintain proper exposure.

Let's go another 5 stops, reciprocating of course.

ISO - 100
Aperture - f/5.6
Shutter - 1/200


You see there is even more of the image in focus now - while maintaining the same exposure.

Let's go 5 more, remembering to reciprocate to keep the triangle balanced.

ISO - 100
Aperture - f/10
Shutter - 1/60

So this whole time I have managed to keep the ISO the same and only adjust the shutter and aperture. You can see now that my shutter is getting quite slow at 1/60. I can still close down my aperture 5 more stops, but I cannot slow my shutter down 5 more stops without greatly increasing the possibility of camera shake....luckily I can adjust my ISO to keep the triangle balanced.


ISO - 400
Aperture - f/18
Shutter - 1/50

By adding the adjustment of the ISO in conjunction with the shutter speed I was able to maintain the balance.

Clean edit (newborn)

If you have questions please post them in the comments below and I will edit the post to add the answers.

Action used: MCP's Free High Definition Sharpening Photoshop Actions

  • To brighten I duplicated the layer and changed the blend mode to screen and lowered the opacity to about 25%.
  • Normally I use portraiture 
  • Fixing color casts

Have you heard the news?!

Fstop Frenzy - the cool, hip new photography community and learning resource....that is FREE is now here!
I know, it is super exciting and I am so happy to announce it was released and received with great success yesterday. With nearly 3,000 hits in less than 24 hours and over 600 Facebook fans Rachel Brenke Photography and I have high hopes for the site.

Grab the FSF buttonFSF will have:
  • Weekly challenges with GREAT prizes
  • Exclusive discounts on preferred vendors
  • Weekly giveaways by our preferred exclusive vendors
  • So many tutorials and feedback you'll be sick of it!

Both women have spent the last few years helping other photographers better themselves and have brought it together to be a wealth of information all in one place! It is designed to be a safe place for new and seasoned photographers and momtographers to come and learn new things as well as get great deals on products, because most of us are proparazzi anyway :)  As FSF grows so will the site, eventually to offer a forum for everyone to chat and share their creativity.


Payton & Amelia | Killeen child photographer

Back - To - School
Really, Oh My Goodness!

These little cuties are my own, modeling a custom skirt and bow-tie made by Valeriya

Olivia {newborn} | Killeen newborn photographer

I spent the morning with little Olivia and her family. This adorable baby girl is 7 weeks old, but wasn't due to make her debut until next week - she is so curious and makes the cutest noises! She definitely knows what she wants and makes a perfect addition to her family.


Annabelle {baby} | Killeen baby photographer

Happy soon-to-be 1st Birthday to sweet little Annabelle!

Ladybug cake courtesy of Sweet Retreats
Annabelle's custom bloomer/bib set created by Valeriya

Brynley {newborn} | Killeen newborn photographer

A sweet little girl came to visit me today with her lovely parents.


Johnson {family} | Belton family photographer

Such a beautiful family!


Moran {family} | Killeen family photographer

I won't show the fun we had, but just know that this very conservative looking family has a load of fun when no one is looking! I won't ever forget this session and all it's laughs - best of luck on your adventures Moran family :)


Simmons {family} | Killeen family photographer

This is the kind of fun we have at a typical MKP photo session :)


Tutorial: Changing the background {newborns}

As with all of my tutorials this is just the way I do things, and it is by no means the only way to do it.
This trick also works with changing clothes, hair, eyes....well just about anything!
The best thing to do is experiment and figure out what works best for you.

Excuse the poor video quality

For Photoshop 


For Elements


Kamiko {maternity} | Killeen maternity photographer

I could feel the love from this couple, they had such a great dynamic and were so fun to work with! I can't wait to meet their baby girl soon :)


Summer Giveaway WINNERS!

A HUGE thank you to all the participating vendors! Thank you for making the Summer Giveaway great :)
Thank you to everyone that participated......and now for the drum roll....

Winner of prize pack one is
Victoria Martin

Winner of prize pack two is
Katherine Weeks

Winner of prize pack three is
Alison Mignery

Winner of prize pack four is
Charis Dishman

Winner of prize pack five is
Laura Oldfather

Congratulations to all of the winners! I need you all to email me at 
I will need your name, prize pack won, email, and mailing address. I will forward all information to each vendor for confirmation but you must contact the vendor directly.
You each have 48 hours to contact me with your information or another winner will be drawn.
Congratulations to the winner and thank you to everyone!

Gabby {child} | Killeen child photographer

A very sweet Happy 1st Birthday goes out to Gabby!
I had a great afternoon session with her, she is adorable as ever.


The fabulous Kristen Caldwell

The amazing Kristen Caldwell: wife, Mother, photographer, artist, and entrepreneur is my first interview and I am so excited to have her!

M: What makes your work unique?
K: “My heart and soul ARE the true lens of my camera”
I’m a funky, spunky , crazy and FUN chick! What you see is what you get and I believe that shines through in my work and attitude!

M: What's in your bag?
K: I’m a SONY girl through and through!
Sony A100 (back-up)
Sony A900 (full frame is where it’s at!)
18-200 f/3.5
50 mm f/1.4
24-70 f/2.8 Carl Zeiss
70-200 f/2.8 G Series
Sony F56 External Flash
Gary Fong Diffuser
Vertical Grip
Lots and Lots of Batteries
Orbit Mint Mojito Chewing Gum
AND I’m a HUGE fan of the Hipstamatic app on my iPhone! Does this count? :-)

M: If you weren't doing this, what would be your chosen profession?
K: I’d probably be working in Quality Control and Engineering for a manufacturing plant as this was my profession before I had children and then ventured in to Photography. I’m extremely quality conscious. This practice has proved in my work with Photography and with my newly launched backdrop business, Bad Sass Backdrops, Inc. Everything I partake in must be done the right way or it’s just not good enough for me. I am a true representation of my work and believe this has been the key to my success along with the many customer relationships I have made.

M: What do you love most about what you do?
K: The fact that I can provide my customers with images that will last them a lifetime and the happiness that will beam from them every time they look at those images is truly what I love most! Hearing how grateful they are for the memories I have captured for them is priceless! As far as my boutique, my customers are grateful for a great quality product at a great price. In regards to the backdrops, I love to hear from customers how extremely pleased they are with their product and how the exceptional customer service I provided to them made them feel important. I firmly believe that people should be treated with respect. It’s the greatest tool for success in this business along with providing people with an exceptional product that is true to its advertised description. Honesty ranks high with me!

M: What was your best moment this past year?
K: My best friend of almost 20 years, Terry Cutlip, Owner of Sassy Designs Inc and I finally obtained our own studiospace! Talk about EXCITING! And then we launched Bad Sass Backdrops just 5 months later! While it’s been a lot of hard work, we wouldn’t change any of it! This truly has been our dream and now it’s finally come true!

(I actually have and use one of the TRI SPLIT backdrops from Bad Sass and I absolutely adore it!)
Be sure to check out www.BadSassBackdrops.com

Terry and I have come up with the highest quality backdrops on the market! Our backdrops are made of 100% Canvas! Yep! The same canvas that your gallery wrapped canvases are printed on! This is NOT a vinyl coated canvas! Most of you are probably thinking, “Oh great! ANOTHER backdrop company!” What sets us apart from other backdrop suppliers? We use the HIGHEST QUALITY canvas and inks. Our printer, PIXEL2CANVAS is the leader in the canvas printing industry! These guys KNOW what they are doing! Our backdrops go through an extra process of being sprayed and cured as well. You will not find another supplier doing this. This finish is EXTREMELY important to ensure the longevity of your backdrop and also guarantees that your backdrop is 100% GLARE FREE. This finish also locks in the ink, acts as a UV barrier and also allows the user to wipe the backdrop clean with warm water should it become soiled. They are easy to handle, lightweight yet extremely durable and roll up with ease! They can be used in ANY lighting condition and can also be used outdoors!

We are offering hundreds of Sassy Designs to choose from to be printed on our backdrops along with designs from Florabella Collection. No matter what size backdrop you order, you will not have to worry about a loss of the design. Our designers, Terry Cutlip of Sassy Designs and Shana Rae of Florabella Collection have sized each pattern accordingly and proportionally to ensure the absolute best print! Again, this is another step in our process to provide our customers with the highest quality backdrop available!

Prior to launching Bad Sass Backdrops, I wanted to offer our customers a VERY unique backdrop and so the “SPLIT” was born! Our SPLIT backdrops come in 8ft or 10ft lengths (all are 5ft wide) and allow the customer to choose TWO designs to be printed! This concept is ideal for those looking for a floor/wall combo. You instantly have a set up in minutes! Talk about versatile!

Shortly after releasing the SPLIT, another light bulb went off one night while lying in bed and I came up with the TRI SPLIT! I wanted to offer a product ideal for Photographers specializing in newborn and small children. The TRI SPLIT allows the customer to choose THREE patterns to be printed on their backdrop. This backdrop comes in a length of 10 ft only by 5ft wide. Each pattern printed is just over 3ft each. The versatility is phenomenal with the Tri Split! The price is exceptional!

We also offer single backdrops in 4ft, 6ft, 8ft and 10ft. We encourage everyone to “Like” us on our Facebook Fan Page as we frequently run specials, sales and promotions. We have had a GREAT response to our newly launched Bad Sass Backdrops and thank everyone for their support! And yes, that’s Bad SASS though some people think it’s A$$ ;-)

If anyone has any questions about our backdrops, please do not hesitate to contact us! We can be reached via email:
admin@BadSassBackdrops.com or you can call me direct at: 216.577.1969 Customer service is #1 with us so you never have to worry about waiting for days for someone to call you or email you back. You’ll be hearing from ME directly!

Did I mention that we offer FREE SHIPPING to all 50 US States as well?! YEP! Our turnaround time is also phenomenal! Backdrops ordered during business hours are usually printed same day. They are shipped out within 48-60 hours and sent via Fed Ex Ground which usually takes 3-5 business days depending on your location. You will NEVER wait WEEKS to receive your backdrops from us! For more info, please visit our FAQ’s listed on our website!

Thanks for having me, Morgan! I’m so glad we met here online and I hope one day we can meet in person! Until then, I will continue to have high admiration for you!
You are every bit of AWESOME!

My Photography Website: www.KristenCaldwellPhotography.com
My Boutique: www.KristenCaldwellPhotography.BigCartel.com
My Fan Page: www.Facebook.com/KristenCaldwellPhotography
My Flickr: www.Flickr.com/photos/MarvelousMomma
Owner of Bad Sass Backdrops, Inc: www.BadSassBackdrops.com
Bad Sass Fan Page: www.Facebook.com/BadSassBackdrops


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