Tutorial Tuesday: Clipping masks and applying textures

This week is a double tutorial since they are both fairly easy.

First clipping masks:

Applying overlays/textures/veils:

Play with the different blend modes to find the look you prefer.
You can also make your own overlay/texture by photographing interesting elements such as concrete, wood, fabric etc. You can make a veil by using the overlay/texture and adding a gaussian blur to it.
Textures from The Coffeeshop Blog  and Sassy Designs.



  1. Hi Morgan! Can you explain how you did the layer mask for the model's skin in the second part of your tutorial?

  2. I sometimes select the model/subject with the lasso tool and apply a gaussian blur filter all the way to the max so you still get the colour but not the texture on their skin or clothes as long as the texture doesn't make the skin or clothes to discoloured, to see examples Check out Creative Skyy Photography and Design on Facebook or http://www.flickr.com/photos/creativeskyy/ Flickr



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