Showcase: Mudpies & Pigtails Boutique

I ♥ Mudpies & Pigtails Boutique! Monique-creative genius of M&P is so fabulous, she creates adorable hats and headbands for newborn to toddler size. She uses super soft yarn and create products with wonderful attention to detail, most noteworthy-she is original. She doesn't buy a pattern from etsy and start selling, she actually brain storms and comes up with these fabulous new ideas (I know, she bounces new ideas off me from time to time). I've personally had the pleasure to use many Mudpies & Pigtails creations and I really love them. I have some for props but I also bought some for my daughter that absolutely loves accessories. The quality is outstanding, the reaction from my clients and even the general public being out and about with my daughter is amazing! The ooohs, aahhhs and oh-my-gosh-that-is-so-cute will bring a smile to any photographer or parents face. I can't sing her praises enough, Mudpies & Pigtails Boutique is my favorite, and my personal choice for newborn and toddler photography props.


  1. thanks SO much for pointing her out!! I LOVE her stuff and I think I just NEED that sock monkey hat!! :) Off to look some more!!


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