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A few weeks ago Pamela Topping had a fabulous giveaway, and I always toss my hat into a never know if you will win :) Well I won Easy as Pie. Needless to say I was ecstatic! I have been battling with pricing myself as an artist as well as my products since I picked up my camera and opened my lens to the public. I wasn't sure how to put a value on what I do, after all there are probably more than 20 photographers in my area and I can only think of three that are priced where we all should be. I know that photography takes a lot of time- to learn, to execute and deliver quality products. I could ramble on for days about all of that but let me get on to my review aka my showcase of EAP.

There I was on my couch with 59 pages to my left, 2 pages to my right, pen in my mouth and computer on my lap (set to my print lab's catalog) when it all made sense.
This digital download is 61 pages of knowledge. It hits you in the face like your best friend saying it, and you have your a-ha moment when suddenly it all makes sense! Not only does it break down everything but there is also a handy dandy 2-page list for you to put your projected pricing down on so you can refer to it later! 

The beginning chapters felt like they were focused straight at me, as I have dealt with these exact clients.
"A cheapie is someone who wants it all but isn't willing to pay for it."
 "The average cheapie isn't easy to spot. They can drive a 1984 Hyundai or a 2011 Lexus. They can live in a tiiiiiiny house or be rocking 8,000 square feet of tricked-out living space. You'll have to be diligent in your quest to spot and then avoid the cheapie wherever you find him or her."

EAP is lined out so that you will know how to avoid dealing with said "cheapie" and to build your business into a profitable and enjoyable thing, instead of working yourself into insanity.
"Without profitability, you have a hobby – not a business."

One of the biggest problems I face is trying to get someone to put a real value on portraits, I'm not talking about a picture snapped by Aunt Sally using her Droid, I'm talking about a properly exposed, well executed image that is wall worthy and will be passed down to children and grandchildren.
 "I value photography, but handbags? No value to me. If Louis Vuitton himself gave me a 90% off coupon to his store, I'd thank him, buy up some goods, and sell them for handsome profit on eBay. I simply don't value designer handbags, and nothing will get me to do so.
Same thing goes for photography. There's no magic formula for getting people to value it!

EAP breaks down the pricing and actual cost of goods in a way that makes sense. She shows you how to bring tempting collections to the table for your clients and how to make them sell! 
It isn't a rule book, it is merely a guideline to get you started and to make your pricing your own.
She covers everyone, from portfolio building to those that have experience but still aren't sure on pricing.

All of that being said I would not recommend this to anyone that has a great pricing guideline already set out. If you are making a great profit and not working yourself to death then you aren't in need of this. EAP is for those that change their prices often or just know that their pricing isn't right and want to fix it.

I know in just a few months all of my pricing will be restructured and stay there for at least one year. I will spend the time before that change prepping for it to make mine and my clients experience together so much better.

To tempt you a bit more go read the first chapter for free over at EAP.


  1. Thank you Morgan for sharing this.. I struggle with this all the time.. I had a studio here in my home now remodeled my 2 stall garage and I still think my pricing is to low.. Im a great hearted person always wanting to do for others and LOVE photography I have not made any profit though. Being a single mom and student I need to make the profit.. I think building my portfolio and all people around me expect low prices.. I think any help in this area will help me... Thanks so much Ms. Tommy :)


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