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I have had a very common question from my last few clients. "On my CD why does your watermarked image look better than the one without?"
The answer to that is simple...sort of.
First let me explain a few things.
1. People can and do steal images, I want to protect you and me.
2. On-line networks such as FB resample your images that you upload if they are larger than they allow.
3. I give you at least two files of each image.
4. The non-watermarked files aren't cropped to allow you to print to whatever size you desire without compromising the image.

So here we have the full resolution image without my watermark at "actual size"
This is the image you are able to print at almost any size.

This is the watermarked and websized version of the same image at it's "actual size"
This is as large as the image will go without becoming pixelated.

If you try to stretch that same watermarked image to the size that the full resolution image is at you will get an image that looks like this..

See the difference?

Next we talk cropping. I do not crop your full resolution files since the aspect ratio of the sizes of prints are different.
They aren't just different sizes but different shapes.

If I cropped all of your images to 8x10 and then you wanted only a 4x6 you may end up cutting off a head, feet, arms etc. Whereas if I had left it uncropped you would be able to print at any size without cutting anything important out.



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