Tutorial Tuesday: Swapping heads in Photoshop

This is super easy :)
It may seem like a pain, but once you learn how to do it you will have your sanity saved!
The fabulous program this is Photoshop is so wonderful!
A few things you will need:
1. Two or more images, same location, same pose
2. Photoshop or equivalent editing software
3. Layer mask, you can download a free layer mask action at The CoffeeShop Blog or by clicking >here< to zoom straight to it.

So lets get started!
First we have an adorable image, but Oh-no she isn't looking at the camera!

So let's make it look like this!

So now we have our first image open with Miss adorable looking down.
We select file then in the drop down menu we select place. When the new window opens pick the other image with her looking at the camera.

On the new image that you just opened you will want to add a layer mask to it. The layer mask will be white by default. So you will take a large SOFT BLACK brush and paint over anything you do not want to show.

Notice how I blended all the way around his head and on his shirt. If you turned off the visibility this is what the top layer looks like.

So now let's see the finished image.

Now compare:

You can do this with any number of "heads" and images. As well as use the same technique to make one person in multiple spots like this:

Happy Head Swapping!


  1. Can I make sure I am getting this right?? The dad has to be in the exact same position for this to work correct?? I am trying to experiment with some pictures I have here, but I can't line things up right.

  2. Wow....that seems way easier than the way I've been doing it. I will have to try this out soon!

  3. It doesn't have to be exactly in the same position. Sometimes I use my transform tool to make it bigger and move it around until the bottom image fits into my little hole :)

  4. Perfect. I understand completely! Thanks!!!

  5. Thank you for this tutorial, Morgan! Couldn't have come at a better time for me - looks much easier than how I usually handle it. I had a session last weekend with a family of 20 (10 kids - 6 of which ages 4 and under)! Needless to say, this week's task involves a couple of head swaps to get that perfect shot of everyone. I have to try this method!

  6. Thank you so much Morgan - I love your tutorials and actions - you are wonderful! I have just used this on a photo and am so happy with the results! Thank you! And much like the others, it is so much easier than the way I had been doing it!

  7. Super easy! super awesome I'm ashamed to admitt this is the only tutorial of yours I've tried eeek and of course I love your eye love sparkle action I use it ALL the time :)

  8. thank you! Simple and super easy!!! Loved it don't know why I didn't try this earlier


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