Photo challenge: Thankful

The holidays are a time to reflect on the time that has passed during the year and be thankful for the little things in your life. Everyday I am thankful that I have a handsome man to love me, that has blessed me with two beautiful healthy children and that I am able to do what I love as a career. I am thankful for everything I have worked to achieve and for everyone that has supported and helped me along the way. Of course I am first and foremost thankful to my husband and children and all they put up with :) I am also so very thankful to Rita, she has been such a great friend to me over the past year and introduced me to so many new wonderful people. I am also thankful for the new friends I have made that I talk to nearly everyday and I can talk "camera" to.
I am thankful for all of you, that read my blog and show your tremendous support and I feel like I am slowly getting to know each of you.

From now until midnight Monday CST you can add your entries. I will choose a winner Wednesday, so good luck to everyone, I can't wait to see your entries!

This week the photo challenge is: Thankful

Here is mine
I'm thankful for this day. Back where I'm from it snowed two times in the years that I lived there and only once enough to do anything with...and that one I don't remember, since I was only three.
Once we moved here (200 miles north) it snowed two years in a row back home and not here...bummer!
Then Christmas morning last year we wake up at 6am and the kids see their presents from Santa by the fireplace, exactly what they ask for. Then we see the white stuff littering our yard and it was a perfect day. It was a perfect day because things were finally going right, and it was the first Christmas with our completed family. To share a first Christmas snow with my husband and children, for all of us, was such a magical day and I am so thankful for it.


  1. Morgan, what a wonderful idea. Love that picture. Makes me miss snow!

  2. I entered A Picture{Our Miracle Baby) of My husband and our daughter. It makes me laugh everytime I see it.
    She was born early and weighed only 1 pound 3 oz's. She didnt have any complications to this day. She is now almost 7 years old.

    She is truly our Miracle Baby for so many reasons. I am So Thankful to have these 2 in my life. :)

    Lisa Cox


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