Starts Tutorial Tuesday :)
Since Tuesday is my slow day I think it is the perfect day for me to write and post a tutorial. Here is how it will work. Every Tuesday I will post a tutorial requested by one of YOU!
So every Tuesday when you check the blog leave a comment if you would like a tutorial and what tutorial you would like to see.
I hope to get lots of feedback and tutorial requests so I can fill the blog with goodies :)


  1. Excellent!
    I'm looking for a fast workflow tutorial. For when you have 100 images to get through. How do you get through them all in a timely manner?

  2. Hi Morgan,
    What a wonderful opportunity you are giving us, thank you! Sincce I'm still a "newbie" there are many things I have yet to learn :)
    I'll try and think of tutorial ideas but for now I was hoping you could help fix I mistake I think I made :D
    I had created a brush for my watermark a while back but now I can't find it. I was working on a photo (at 3am, bad idea btw) and was going through my brushes, something poped up that said "reset", I think, and I clicked it. When I was finished editing I went to apply my WM and my brush was gone :( Please tell me there's a way to retrive it.

  3. Can't wait!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing.


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