Tutorial: Skin tones

Sooooo many things go into getting the skin tones correct.
1. Your camera's white balance:
You can have this set to auto, one of the presets, or a custom white balance. Honestly I keep my white balance on auto :)
2. Your camera's metering mode:
I choose to spot meter. The way you spot meter is to focus with your brackets on the brightest part of the subjects cheek *this is what works for me* press your shutter half way so that you will have the correct exposure on your camera's exposure meter.
Once you have your in-camera meter visible bring it to the center
Then here is the trick OVER-EXPOSE yes take it closer to the + just a tad though.
To overexpose you want it to look like this:

Canon is opposite of Nikon, so just make sure that your meter is closer to the +
That is for the in-camera.
You can also use a grey card to help with your correct colors as part of setting your custom white balance.

For post-processing
Remembering the color wheel will help to adjust the colors using color balance in PS and hue/saturation in PSE.
I also just recently found out on flickr of another awesome way to add a boost without throwing your colors off. Using a gradient map have your colors at #503c2d, and #b6cad1
*you will have to search on your own to fully understand gradient maps*
and set it to soft light blend mode.
I also have a custom levels adjustment that I love, which I used my grey card to test the lights for my studio.


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