Action Set

My clarity action is the action I wrote to speed up my own post processing, it is all of the steps I take once I open my image in Photoshop. The ebovry action is my black & white action that is bright and light. Both actions are compatible in both Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.
You can purchase the set which includes both my clarity and ebovry actions.



Installation instructions can be found here

If you are not automatically directed to the download, please email me at
This is a digital download, therefore refunds will not be given.

Clarity Instructions:
Details- use a soft white brush on the black layer mask to paint over the areas you want to define such as eyes, nose, mouth, eyebrows etc.
Brighten the eyes- use a soft white brush on the black layer mask to paint over the color of the eyes, use a black brush to clean up any mistakes.
Warm up- Use a soft white brush on the black layer mask to warm up the skin.
Gradient map- no changes needed
Light all over- this brightens your entire image, you can adjust the opacity as needed to add more or less light
Light/dark- this is like dodging and burning but non-destructive. Use a soft white brush to lighten and a soft black brush to darken. I prefer to also use a gaussian blur once I have lightened and darkened. Once you have painted and blurred adjust the opacity as needed.
Creamy skin- use a soft white brush on the black layer mask to soften and lighten the skin, adjust the opacity of the layer as needed.
Take out the red- use a soft white brush on the black layer mask to reduce the red on your image. adjust the opacity as needed, I usually bring it down to 10-15%
levels- adjust the opacity if necessary

Ebovry- no adjustments necessary


Tutorial: Skin tones

Sooooo many things go into getting the skin tones correct.
1. Your camera's white balance:
You can have this set to auto, one of the presets, or a custom white balance. Honestly I keep my white balance on auto :)
2. Your camera's metering mode:
I choose to spot meter. The way you spot meter is to focus with your brackets on the brightest part of the subjects cheek *this is what works for me* press your shutter half way so that you will have the correct exposure on your camera's exposure meter.
Once you have your in-camera meter visible bring it to the center
Then here is the trick OVER-EXPOSE yes take it closer to the + just a tad though.
To overexpose you want it to look like this:

Canon is opposite of Nikon, so just make sure that your meter is closer to the +
That is for the in-camera.
You can also use a grey card to help with your correct colors as part of setting your custom white balance.

For post-processing
Remembering the color wheel will help to adjust the colors using color balance in PS and hue/saturation in PSE.
I also just recently found out on flickr of another awesome way to add a boost without throwing your colors off. Using a gradient map have your colors at #503c2d, and #b6cad1
*you will have to search on your own to fully understand gradient maps*
and set it to soft light blend mode.
I also have a custom levels adjustment that I love, which I used my grey card to test the lights for my studio.

Evie {Baby} | Killeen baby photographer

Adorable no matter how serious she is :)


Messare {Family} | Killeen family photographer

I have photographed this family a few times :) and I love it every time! I first met momma {M} for her maternity shoot that daddy {M} couldn't make *here*. Then when daddy {M} was able to we scheduled for a mini with both of them *here*. Wouldn't you know that baby {M} came early and I got to see them again just a few weeks later for newborn portraits *here*. Now here we are and baby {M} is 3 months old :)
{M} Family I hope you enjoyed your session, and your preview...I know I did!


2010 Holiday Potrait Special


Tiffany {Maternity} | Killeen maternity photographer

This was a fab-u-lous session :) for a few reasons.
1. It was my friend {T}
2. It is her first baby, and only so she says :P
3. She photographed me when I was pregnant with my daughter 
4. She was the one that got me started in photography :D
{T} You are a beautiful girl and I can wait until baby {C} gets here in just a few weeks!

If Calvin Klein had a maternity line, I think this would be the ad for it :)

IHF: Vroom, Vroom!

I didn't realize how many images I don't have with vehicles in them! I have just a handful, one with a female model nude on a horse, one with a male model pensively looking into the distance next to a classic car, one with my son and my husbands bike (it looks oddly like he his giving me the bird lol), one of my kids on a tractor....and this one.
I love this one, my little boy is so strong, look at those guns!



Owl Birthday Card Templates

I made another...this one is unisex

Download it here


Workshop: Photoshop Rocks!

This is an in-person workshop. Payment can be made by paypal or cash. Address will be given to attendees once payment details have been sorted out. There will be only 5 spots available.


The Confidence Journey

Dr. Morales

Spartan Performance Meals


The Confidence Journey - 100 days

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