Magic Monday

Seeing as how Monday is dreadful, I really hate Mondays......I thought it would be great to post an uplifting picture from my life, something that makes me giggle no matter how many times I look at it.
So today's Magic Monday picture is one where I was trying to get an updated picture of my kids this past week. I dressed them up to represent how they are, my son in his ACU pants and camo vest...the boy wants to be a soldier soooooo bad. My daughter I dressed in a yellow flower shirt, with a vintage inspired skirt, pearls and a flower headband...she is extremely girlie :)
The new thing in our house is animal noises and what they do, at this point my daughter has heard dogs, woof woof, and saw a bird, chirp we move on and my son says tiger so my daughter replies RAWR with her claws extended too :D
I love these kids!



  1. They are sooo freakin cute! How aDORAble!

  2. Cute photo, and I also like your new site design!

  3. LOL! How cute!!! :)) Thanks for the smile.

  4. What a great picture!!! You are extremely talented!! I've been looking at a lot of your photos and totally love them!!
    Your kiddos are way too cute!!!



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