IHF Tuesday

This week at I heart faces is "Random Act of Kindness" week, and showcasing Inspiration Through Art (Littlest Heroes Project). I love this foundation!

I am a photographer for this amazing foundation and I have been lucky enough the last few months to be able to photograph two very special heroes, who have inspired me to be so much more than I am.
These little heroes are so perfect, and adorable.

First I photographed Carter
 This is how our session went:
We met at a great outdoor location so Carter would be able to have fun and not feel stuffed into my studio, I wanted him to run and be a boy. The first location he didn't like the texture of the high grass and wouldn't let go of his daddy or his cup so I gave him my smiley face pin to try and win him over but no luck he wouldn't let go. We decided to move on to the second location....the waterfall! Here it didn't take long for him to light up, splashing his big brother and sister, and giggling so much. It put a smile on my face to see his joy and that I was a part of it. Once the session was over and the fun had been all used up we had walked back down the trail to our cars, at that time Carter found the wooden railing and began to have some more fun...without us! I couldn't resist capturing him in his own world :)
"Carter is the youngest sibling out of three. By the age of two, Carter’s parent’s noticed his lack of speech and limited communication. Carter also did not point or give many social smiles. Through in home therapy sessions Carter did gain some words and even speaks in 2 word sentences. However just before his third birthday, Carter was officially diagnosed with PDD-NOS which is on the autism spectrum. He has just began a special pre-school class for children with special needs and seems to really enjoy it. We have high hopes for Carter but we know that the things most kids learn easily will not be as easy for him."
-Carter's mom

Next I got to photograph Xavier
I had the opportunity to meet this adorable miracle recently and I knew it would be great! I was contacted by LHP about Xavier and I knew I wanted to get him a session ASAP since they would be leaving for medical checks for Xavier the following week. When I arrived at Xavier's house I had a good idea of what to expect but I had no idea, how adorable this little guy would be...he stole my heart ♥ ♥ !
I saw this amazing chair as I was bringing in all of my equipment, and turns out it had been in the family for years and I knew it would be perfect for Xavier, I brought lots of goodies for him to play with while I photographed him as well. He really wasn't sure about what was going on, other than some strange lady was in his house, where the dining table was supposed to be....and all this strange stuff everywhere. Finally he started opening up to me and playing with all the props, he was seriously adorable! Since then I have stayed in contact with Xavier's mom, and love getting updates about how he is doing. Everyday is a challenge but Xavier is a trooper and showing his heart whose boss!

Xavier Gallegos was born May 4th 2009 with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome
He was born premature and had his first bypass operation at 36 hours old
and weighing 2 pounds 11 ounces. His first few weeks of life were very touch
and go. He had a second operation at 4 months old and will face another one
next year. Xavier is on lots of medications to substain his heart function
one being to prevent him from any further svt. He really is a hero!
-Xavier's mom


  1. I love this!! once I get my business going I'm sure I will be a part of this, It is so close to my heart, I take care of a little girl whith down syndrome, and I lost a child to a defect 7 years ago almost. I feel the need to give back all the time. I will be contributing to the Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep cause.

  2. Ohhhh how I wish you lived closer to us! Beautiful pics!


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