Actions: Levels work

I ♥ my levels adjustment and I use this one on nearly every image I edit.

For this image SOOC I used my levels adjustment only
REALLY that was it!
It makes that big of a difference.

You can download my Levels work action here.

Of course I also used my Eye Love Sparkle action for his gorgeous eyes and finished editing for the final product.

Enjoy :)


  1. Beautiful! Are these actions only for PS or PSE too???

  2. Yes for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.
    What editing software are you editing with?

  3. Thank you. I'm relatively new to your blog and so happy that I stumbled up it! So many of your posts go straight to a file in Evernote :)

  4. Just wanted to let you know I am a regular follower of your blog and a huge fan. Thanks for the levels, love them.

  5. Thanks Morgan,

    Now for us pse challenged folks: when I run the action, do I accept it as run or click on the levels layer (not the mask) and adjust it? Thanks.

  6. Thought I posted this but guess not.

    When I run the levels action, do I tweak it (other than using layer mask?)


  7. Sorry :)
    Fridays are errand days at Morgan Kervin Photography

    The levels action is meant to run as is, and you can lighten the midtones if you need to but it is not necessary.

  8. Thanks Morgan. I ran the Levels action on a portrait. It darkened the entire photo; flattened then when ran the Eye Love. It lightend the entire photo (then used the brush on eyes on both black layers.) Are they cancelling each other out?

    Thanks again.

  9. The Eye love action has been giving PSE users trouble. The masks need to be black.

    You can ctrl+I on the mask to invert it
    Fill it with black via your paint bucket

  10. I had black layers. My question is about using Levels Action followed by Eye Love Action (which I love!) on the same photo.

    Levels action darkened my whole photo (I made no changes in the layer mask); flattened; ran Eye Love which lightened my whole photo (before using layer masks.) I was wondering if they cancel each other out...or perhaps Eye Love has a levels adjustment for the whole image.??? Sorry to bother you on such a busy day!


  11. It's not a problem :)

    The levels should make an overall change to your image (you may need to increase the midtones depending on your exposure).

    The eye love you should see no visible changes until you use your white brush on the black layer masks.

  12. Morgan- I am having trouble downloading the levels and eye love actions. When I open the saved folder, it is empty. Did you take them down?


  13. Mediafire was having a short silly moment, it is back up now :)

  14. It's still not working- I get an empty folder- but I'll just try again another day or something. thanks!


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