Tutorial: Beauty facial retouching

Beauty facial retouching.
Here we have a beautiful woman and we want to take her to a fully edit version of a beauty shot.

First in ACR increase the blacks to 10 and the vibrance to 10

Next in Photoshop
Crop for the rule of thirds

Next I adjust the levels.
I have digital grey card that I use for my shoots

I adjust the opacity of that layer to 75%

Next I use my patch tool (PS), or use your clone stamp (PSE) to get rid of wrinkles.

For the patch tool, you want to select your area you want to get rid of then select an area with similar texture (color not important)

I use the patch tool on forehead wrinkles, and under eye wrinkles.

The great thing about the patch tool is that you can fade it!
I adjusted mine to 68%

Finished with the patch tool

I brush on the smooth skin layer.

I adjust the opacity to about 40%

Next I invert the lighten skin layer

I use my black brush to mask the eyes and mouth.
Then adjust the opacity down to about 40% or lower

Next I utilize the eye define layer painting on the eyes, nose, mouth and necklace.


I selected OK to all pop ups

I put the color pop layer ar 48%
Then flatten

I duplicate and set the layer to multiply at 28%

Before & After

Feel free to share your beauty edits!


  1. Thank you for the tutorial! I learned a lot!

  2. Thank you for this great tutorial. I love it when people share how to do things.

  3. Thank you thank you thank you! This has made all the difference in my photos!

  4. This is an amazing tut!! Thank you so much!!!

  5. You said that you have a "digital grey card" how can i do that? thanks for the great tut too!!

  6. In the first step, what is ACR? And how do I get to it in order to change the blacks and so on?


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