Action! Eye Love Sparkle

I have had a lot of photographers ask how I get the glassy sparkle-y light in the eyes, eyes so I decided to write an action for both Photoshop and Photoshop elements! Just download and start making those eyes sparkle.
Did I mention this action is FREE?!

New version if you are interested is posted here

For Photoshop simply install the .ATN file
For Photoshop Elements install the .PSD for PSE5 and .PNG for PSE6 and up

You can download the action here

To apply the action just use a soft white brush on the black layer mask and adjust the opacity to taste.

Easy to follow download instructions can be found at the CoffeeShop

*Reports of the black layer masks being white*
You can fill the white masks with black using your fill bucket.
After the action is run a few times in PSE it should run correctly.



  1. Morgan, just downloaded the eye sparkle action! Lovely!

    This is the best one I have found. You've outdone yourself this time.


  2. I love it.. have to say that it's awesome it's not over the top and works great on brown eyes too!

  3. Hey Morgan, I am having a photoshop block...I use this little trick..and the last photo I used it on was a REALLY close up and the eyes are huge..and gorgeous..but you can see me in the reflection. I have been googling and i haven't found much information about how to get rid of the reflection in the eyes. Any advice..I would really appreciate.

  4. Thanks so much Morgan! I look forward to trying this one out!

  5. Thanks for sharing. I am having trouble downloading the file though. When I click on start download I get an "oops cant find the zip file" message and a redirect to mediafire. Any ideas? Thanks!



    Is the direct link :)

  7. Thank you!! Can't wait to use it!

  8. Not sure if I did something wrong! When I run the action, I don't get a black layer mask. I get two white layers, one is brighten and one is something shiny. Is this right? Or am I having a moment? Thanks so much for sharing. I appreciate any help.

  9. I have had a few elements users say the same thing and after they run it a few times then it decides to work correctly lol.

    You can just use your fill bucket and fill the white mask with black and it will be the same as if it made the black masks themselves....until it works right :)

  10. Okay I am having a moment...I am in love with this action and I have PSE6 and it is coming up with two white layers, one is oh so shiney and other is brighten me up. How do I fill it in black?

  11. There are a few ways to fill it with black.
    1. use your fill bucket (paint bucket) and set the color to black.
    2. click on the white mask and ctrl+i to invert the mask.
    3. edit>fill and select black

  12. thanks morgan for posting the "fix it" tips!!! again i really appreciate the action :)

  13. Hi Morgan! I found your site on Coffee shop. I was super excited to download this action when I saw the post but when I click on download an error keeps popping up saying there are no servers available at this time with the requested data on them. ANy tips??

    -M Johnson

  14. I got it!! Thank you SO much!

    - M Johnson

  15. Thanks for the free action! When I go to use it, it says "make" command not available? It continues to load, but I don't get a white or black mask. Any advice?


  17. Thank you so much for this action!! It will definitely be one of my fav's.

  18. Love it! Looking forward to future Actions!

  19. I just found your site through CoffeeShop, thank you so much for this action! Your pictures are gorgeous and I can't wait to try this out!!!

  20. Help! I don't know how to use the sparkle action. i have it installed in CS5.

  21. Thanks for the info!! What a difference, wow!

  22. Thank you very,very much for the fab. action...I love your gorgeous blog and your insightful posts.
    Thank you!

  23. Thanks very much! Excellent action!

  24. Perfect. Just what I was looking for... thank you, thank you!



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