Action! Eye Love Sparkle

I have had a lot of photographers ask how I get the glassy sparkle-y light in the eyes, eyes so I decided to write an action for both Photoshop and Photoshop elements! Just download and start making those eyes sparkle.
Did I mention this action is FREE?!

New version if you are interested is posted here

For Photoshop simply install the .ATN file
For Photoshop Elements install the .PSD for PSE5 and .PNG for PSE6 and up

You can download the action here

To apply the action just use a soft white brush on the black layer mask and adjust the opacity to taste.

Easy to follow download instructions can be found at the CoffeeShop

*Reports of the black layer masks being white*
You can fill the white masks with black using your fill bucket.
After the action is run a few times in PSE it should run correctly.


The basics of getting a good picture

There are a few basic guidelines when trying to get a good image.
1. If you have a DSLR please use manual mode :)
a. Decide what f-stop you want (aperture). I usually do f1.4-f3 for single subject. f3-f5 for 2 or 3 subjects and f5-f8 for 4 or more.
b. Shutter speed. If you need a fast shutter speed, especially for kids go ahead and set it.
c. ISO if you have your f-stop and shutter speed selected and the lighting is still not enough take your ISO between 200-400 which allows more light, but also more noise.
d. White balance, you can set to auto or a custom white balance already set on your camera, or even measure your own white balance by selecting a white point. A blank white sheet of printer paper will suffice in the same lighting conditions you are shooting.

Next if you are shooting outside you want to have your lighting correct either by having your subject back-lit or in the shade. For back lit I prefer the sun 45* to either side for correct exposure of the subject and background (as well as adding sun flares). For silhouettes I prefer the sun to be directly behind the subject so I get a nice outline or halo effect.

The shade is also nice and adds an even diffused lighting to the image.

Notice my adorable doodle :)

Sun at 45* to either side, as well as directly behind....also in the shade will work.

You want to expose to the highlights on your subject. It is hard to retrieve details from blown out skin so it is best to avoid it by following the above tips.

Finally do NOT use your on camera flash!
If you are having trouble getting adequate light to your subject with the back lit option use a can be as easy as getting a foam board from your local store such as Wal-Mart, the board that is used for science fair projects :)

Good luck all and happy snapping!


IHF: Fix it Friday!

I love FIF :)

The before

The After

I increased the color vibrance in the grass and her clothes, softened her skin, added contrast to all but her skin, and used my eye love sparkle action on her eyes.


Fabulous Newborn Posing Guide giveaway on!

Who doesn't need something like this? A posing guide from a pro, that is ah-ma-ZING!


Have you been wondering what kind of shots you could get at one of my workshops?  Take a look at these from my workshop yesterday. This was 2 hours of fun! Lovely model, and wonderful photographers!


IHF: Purple

This week's I heart faces theme is purple, yesterday at my workshop we added just a little purple to her hair in the form of flowers :)


It's personal

Hi :)
I thought today would be as good a day as any to share a little insight into my personal life instead of business business business...and art.
So here it goes: I am Morgan
A daughter
A friend
A sister
A mother
A wife
A photographer
Yes it happened in that order.
I love to laugh and I laugh a little too loud, especially when I am happy...really happy.
I prefer to see emotion instead of smiles in my work and smiles instead of emotions in my personal life.
I'm not a fan of the outdoors, mainly because I can burn in 15 minutes and have to soak in milk and aloe for days.
I love to walk around as long as I have something to look at, and that could be something as interesting as the oddities around me.
I'm not a fan of darkness (unless we're talking about when I sleep). I love light and the airy feel it gives, almost like you could fly.
I love my children SOOOOO much, much more than they will ever be able to know, even though they will hate myself and my husband for their names.
Our son is Payton Bradie.
Can you guess where we got that from?
Peyton Manning and Tom Brady
Our daughter is Amelia Grace.
That we got from Amelia Earhart and Grace, a characteristic I hope she possesses.
My husband Brad and I have been together for a little over 6 years, with several ups downs and loop-de-loops just like any other couple, but we love each other and no matter how rough we fight when I look in his eyes or he touches my hand I turn to putty inside just melting away.

I hope you enjoyed learning a little about me and my personal world. I may share a little more often :)


Workshop: Rock your camera

Available in Killeen, Texas

This workshop will also be my first on-line workshop as well. It should be available for purchase September 1, 2010 for $50 as well.

If you are interested please e-mail me at
Please include your name, e-mail and phone number
Also if you are interested in the actual workshop or the on-line version.

Chadwick {Family} | Killeen family photographer



Tutorial: Beauty facial retouching

Beauty facial retouching.
Here we have a beautiful woman and we want to take her to a fully edit version of a beauty shot.

First in ACR increase the blacks to 10 and the vibrance to 10

Next in Photoshop
Crop for the rule of thirds

Next I adjust the levels.
I have digital grey card that I use for my shoots

I adjust the opacity of that layer to 75%

Next I use my patch tool (PS), or use your clone stamp (PSE) to get rid of wrinkles.

For the patch tool, you want to select your area you want to get rid of then select an area with similar texture (color not important)

I use the patch tool on forehead wrinkles, and under eye wrinkles.

The great thing about the patch tool is that you can fade it!
I adjusted mine to 68%

Finished with the patch tool

I brush on the smooth skin layer.

I adjust the opacity to about 40%

Next I invert the lighten skin layer

I use my black brush to mask the eyes and mouth.
Then adjust the opacity down to about 40% or lower

Next I utilize the eye define layer painting on the eyes, nose, mouth and necklace.


I selected OK to all pop ups

I put the color pop layer ar 48%
Then flatten

I duplicate and set the layer to multiply at 28%

Before & After

Feel free to share your beauty edits!


Basic Photoshop: Know your tools

So you look at photoshop every day and you may not know what all of those tools do. Here is a basic breakdown of your tools in my weekly segment Basic Photoshop. Once a week I will cover one or more tools and show examples of how to use them to enhance your images.

I want this to be an interactive experience for all. I will ask a question each week.

This weeks question:
What is your favorite photoshop tool?

My favorite tool is the patch tool :)

Having trouble view the image?                  Ctrl +                     to make it larger

Sean {Newborn} | Killeen newborn photographer



The Confidence Journey

Dr. Morales

Spartan Performance Meals


The Confidence Journey - 100 days

Today, there are 100 days until showtime. Just 100 sets of 24 hours to get to where I need to be physically, mentally and emotionally. 100 d...