Giveaway winners!

Drum roll please..........................

The winners are:

Sky blue cocoon-

Lemon chiffon headband-

Knit hat with flower clip-
Lisa Smiley

Custom tutu-
Lisa Ceasar

Free session-

Please contact me at morgankphotography. I will need address, email and phone number from the winners.

Congratulations to all!

Williamson {Family} | Killeen family photographer



Florabella and Work of Heart have teamed up for a truly awesomely amazing giveaway!

1. $250 Gift Certificate toward Florabella Photoshop Actions & Textures

2. One Workshop Workbook (comes with free Posing Guide & More – read about here) {retail $399 + $125}

3. One 30 min phone consult with Skye – {retail $350}*


Today was my first workshop...more of a practice run really. I had 5 ladies come, and one volunteered her daughter as our model. "A" was a fantastic model, and she just rocked it! I am going to start offering workshops occassionally, varying from beginner - professional levels and covering a variety of subjects. Thank you ladies and "A" for joining me on today's adventure :)

Bilyou {Family} | Killeen family photographer


Ramirez {Family} | Killeen family photographer


Epiphane bag giveaway!

Who doesn't love a giveaway and a great camera bag?!

Since becoming a mom I have let myself go....and this bag would give me just the excuse to buy a new wardrobe :) You can't go around in frumpy clothes carrying a trendy bag lol.

View the giveaway here:

View Epiphane here:

Xavier - A Little Hero

I received an e-mail last week from Inspiration Through Art (The Littlest Heroes Project), you see I volunteer to photograph children and their families through the organization. It is for children with serious illness and diseases and I get the privilege of meeting amazing children and their families. When I say amazing I don't mean the "amazing" we nonchalantly label things today. I mean AMAZING! The kind of amazing that makes you believe in miracles. The kind of amazing that makes you want to be a better person everyday and be thankful for the blessings you have. The kind of amazing that stays with you a lifetime. The kind of amazing that makes your heart smile to know you got to experience it. These children are that kind of amazing, and so are their families.

Xavier was born two months' premature and wasn't supposed to live more than 72 hours.

Xavier was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome (his mitral valve, left ventricle aortic valve and aorta didn't fully develop). Basically he was born with only half a heart.

Because the left side of the heart does not fully develop, the right side overcompensates to get blood to the lungs and the rest of the body.

Sheree (his mother) is having a benefit for Xavier to pay for carpeting in their housing unit so Xavier can sit up on the floor, for travel expenses to Texas Childrens Hospital and other expenses not covered by insurance.

 After Xavier's birth, his parents were given three options: a heart transplant, compassionate care or the Norwood procedure.

"He's our miracle baby. Just because babies are born like this doesn't mean they don't deserve a chance to live." -Sheree

Thank you so much for letting me into your lives, I will treasure it forever.


This post is to answer questions I have been frequently getting recently.

1. Why are you raising your prices?
     The main reason, I am losing money on the $80 deal. I don't just show up with a "fancy camera" and my camera doesn't take great pictures, I spend LOTS of time making my dull lifeless images straight out of my camera and turning them into your families art you hang for everyone to see. It takes time for advertising, booking a session, getting paperwork together. Travel to a location or set up and travel back or break down. Time to upload images, and sift through to pick the best. Time to individually edit each image. Time to back up the images. Time to make an on-line gallery. Time to proof the images. Time to put in print orders. Time to make CD's. Time to do each and every thing. Then factor in the cost of business - keeping up equipment and updating when necessary. Taxes, insurance, business expenses. So after all of that how much do I, the photographer, actually make?
                                                                      ..............................less than minimum wage at the price now

A great breakdown can be found here

2. I have a camera and photoshop, what can I do to start a business like you?
    The short answer: Learn your camera, and I don't mean Auto. ONLY use manual (M) mode. Shoot in RAW. Learn what ISO, aperture, and shutter speed do to impact correct exposure and how to manipulate them to produce quality work. Photoshop cannot fix everything, it should be used to ENHANCE what you have already produced in camera.

Another great blogger wrote a much more in depth article about it. You can read it here


Giveaway time!

This is my first giveaway, and I am so excited! The giveaway will last through Sunday, June 27th at midnight GMT.

There will be 5 winners, and 3 ways to win! You will have 72 hours to claim your prize or I will re-draw for that prize

1st way to win: Follow my blog and come back and make a comment below telling what you would like to win (even if it's all).
2nd way to win: Like my Facebook page and come back to leave a comment letting me know you did.
3rd way to win: Go to The Sugar Shop look through her store and come back and comment on what you like.

Each entry must be seperate.

Now on to what you can win!

From The Sugar Shop:
1. Sky Blue cocoon

2. Lemon chiffon head band

From Morgan Kervin:

3. Knit hat with flower clip

4. Tutu (colors and size of your choice 0-5T)

5. FREE session fee!
You must be in the Killeen area or be willing to travel to Killeen, Texas. Session must be booked for 2010.
 ($50 minimum print purchase required)

Good Luck to everyone!

Allcock {Family} | Killeen family photographer

Happy 2nd Birthday "J"! It was great meeting more of your family, and even though "J" didn't want to look my way.....well she was mad. It's her Birthday and she can cry if she wants to :)


Hutson {Newborn} | Killeen newborn photographer

Newborn, birthday & family portraits all in one session, I ♥ it!


Garrett {Military} | Killeen military photographer

Today I met "G" and surprisingly enough it turned out that he and my husbad went to AIT together a few years back. His Aunt "L" made him take these portraits for their family, and I tried to make it as easy as I could for him.



Starting July 1, my pricing will change.

Session fees will start at $75.
Minimum print purchase of $50 with prints starting at $5 and digital files with print release starting at $150.
Military will get 100% of their session fee toward additional prints.

Please see my website for details.

Dates still available before the change is in effect:

June 21, 23, 25, 28, 29 & 30 all for evening appointments starting at 6 or 7pm for on-location or in-studio sessions.

That means only 6 available spots for the $80 session that includes a one hour session, CD of edited images and print release. 
Book today to ensure you get a spot and the savings before my new pricing is in effect.

If you book a session before July 1, for a future date and pay the non-refundable deposit you can still get the $80 special.

Question: I am in need of a new logo!

I have come up with these 2 choices. What do you prefer?

Choice 1:
Choice 2:

Jacquot {Family} | Georgetown family photographer

The location:

The shoes:

The mom:

The dad:

The big brother:

The little brother:

The family:


Idle Chatter: I ♥ my 15 month old diva!

I ordered an ADORABLE hat from Mudpies & Pigtails boutique and it came in today, so of course I had to go exploring with my daughter while she wore it...ahem...I mean modeled it for me :)


Session: Littlest Heroes Project

Today was my first Littles Heroes Project session, and I ♥ it! "C" had a blast once we got him in the water :)


Wright {Family} | Belton family photographer

What an adventure this session was! 3 adorable little girls and one of the cutest couples I have seen. There may have been crying, complaining and a little getting lost but it was fun!

I hope you enjoy your preview



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