Tutorial: Selective Coloring

A lot of photographers will tell you that this is so cliche and "out of style" and then ask the same photographer what effect that their clients request the most (other than standard b&w) and they will say selective color. I think that clients like it because of the mystery, they don't know how to do it :) There are lots of ways to get this effect, here is just one way.

First edit your image completely then we can begin.

Duplicate your image. Layer>duplicate image OR Ctrl+J

Then you want to turn the top layer to b&w. You can do this by using any actions that you prefer the b&w tone of, by desaturating or by the following:

One you have done that, to bring the selective color back you just erase where you want the color! Yes, it is that easy :)
I have my eraser set to brush (just a personal preference)

Then begin the erasing!

You may have to zoom in closer to make sure you get the edges cleaned up nicely.

There you go :) Selective color


  1. that was beyond great.. so simple, so easy and really makes me motivated to learn more. (if only it was all that simple)
    thanks so much for sharing.


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