Tutorial: Enhancing the lips

I have posted a tutorial similar to this, but I have had a few people have trouble with it, so I am revising and posting an updated one :)

Start by duplicating your layer:

Set your new layer to soft light blend mode:

It will look like this in soft light blend mode:

Then you will put a high pass filter:

Set the high pass filter to 5:

Select your dodge tool (the magnifying glass):

Set it at the following: Size: small enough to fit in lips. Range: highlights. Exposure: around 15%

The dodged lips will look like this:

Next select your burn tool (the hand): Set to the following, Size: small enough to fit in lips. Range: midtones. Exposure: 50%

Burned lips:

Close up of before and after:


  1. That is awesome, I would have never, ever thought to do that ;)

  2. Wonderful, thank you! And in Elements :)

  3. Very cool technique! Thanks for sharing!♥

  4. Morgan, thanks for sharing! Your tutorials are always SO helpful.


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